Chiarelli INSULTS Ontarians AGAIN! ……….. this is getting monotonous!

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

This idiot keeps insulting Ontarians on a weekly basis now……….it’s not good enough to rob us blind with fraudulent Hydro Bills and scandalous rip-offs like ORNGE, Green Energy Act and now trying to explain the gas plant 1.2 billion dollar theft as just a cup of coffee a year for tax payers!

Give me a break!

It’s only going to cost me and you 40 dollars over 20 years for this massive theft?

Oh yeah……………..then he mentions that the majority of the theft will be covered by Hydro Consumers!………so it’s alright to steal from us then!

And it really wasn’t Bob who said it but his hired thugs at the bloated overpriced “help” from the Ontario Power Authority, even though they all depend on Bob and Kathy for their tax payer funded pay cheques!

GGEZ!………………bring in the Horsemen!

Gas plant cancellation cost taxpayers $2 a year: OPA

BY  ,CITY HALL BUREAU CHIEF, December 05/2013


Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli. (MICHAEL PEAKE/Toronto Sun)

TORONTO – The cancellation of a signed contract to build a gas plant in Oakville will cost hydro customers up to $2 a year, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) says.

“It’s less than a cup of Tim Hortons coffee a year,” Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli said Thursday.

The $2 figure was greeted with skepticism by Progressive Conservative energy critic Lisa MacLeod, who is tabling a motion that would force the Liberals to release all documents related to the impact on hydro bills of cancelling gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville.

The OPA, Chiarelli and Premier Kathleen Wynne also told Ontarians that cancelling the Oakville plant would cost $40 million, a figure that the auditor later pegged closer to $815 million, MacLeod said.

“I really don’t believe them,” she added.

Auditors estimate that the total amount of money lost by cancelling and relocating both plants could hit $1.1 billion — the bulk of it to be repaid through hydro bills.

Chiarelli said the cost to hydro customers works out to about $2 a year for 20 years.

“(Opposition parties) don’t like the answer, they don’t like the number because they’ve been crying doom and gloom in terms of the impact on prices for years,” Chiarelli said. “It’s a miniscule percentage.”

Ontario hydro bills, which are expected to rise 42% over five years for the average family, are far more affected by the billions of dollars invested to improve the provincial transmission system and add new electricity generation, he said.


  1. Ash Ketchum says:

    $2 a year for every citizen, but who gives these crooks the right to mismanage taxpayers’ monies?

    Guessing the culprits are the Ontario Liberals, they see no morality in their fraudulent practices. If Joe Public was to steal a loaf of bread from a supermarket, he would be sent to jail, but knowing that Liberal government workers are known for fraud and the Ontario College of Teachers is a safe place for sex predators to teach children–it’s injustice for law-abiding Canadians!!!!!

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