Is Canada supporting Agenda 21? …….You Bettya!

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just in case anyone is unclear about Canada’s involvement in adopting Agenda 21 and all it’s Environmental edicts just read this “mind-numbing” report!


  1. 1957chev says:

    Warning to students! Don’t drink the green kool-aid….they are not doing this to make your lives better, they just want to be able to control you, and limit the way you live your life. Use your brain. Question authority. Don’t assume that because it is part of the curriculum, that it is true!!!

  2. I found this pdf report of Canada’s progress on the Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP) front rather enlightening, too:

    Especially this excerpt from pg 11, under the heading 4.11 Education for SCP:
    “With a view to encouraging the integration of sustainability into the curricula of post secondary institutions, the Government of Canada supports annual surveys and ratings assessments conducted by Corporate Knights (CK) magazine on various faculties including law, engineering, architecture, industrial design, urban design, journalism, education, business administration, and public administration. These results are published in CK’s annual education edition.”

    • So wee little Tyler Hamilton of the Corporate Knights is involved in teaching the kids of Ontario his bizarre eco-whacked out green religion? Sounds about right. These people should all be charged with child assault!

      • Proud Canadian says:

        Mods, the Ontario teachers’ union mafia is either sending court orders all over the place or harassing bloggers online….looks like the paedophiles and Orwellian magicians in the Ontario schools are getting impatient and embarrassed about their green scam and child abuse scandals being discussed on the internet…what better way for these deviants to suppress speech by using three upper-middle class white teachers maybe a lesbian or two, so they could cry out being a victim for their accusations while the Kangaroo Court goes on a subpoena spree to track down bloggers, commentors and the internet community alike.

        The Green scam and the sex curriculum are related to a dystopian Orwellian fantasy which deviant people thrive and good people suffer. These school boards don’t believe in Jesus Christ anymore and they continually push their atheist views which appear to be Satan worship because of the inappropriate school curriculum being legislated for students in Ontario. After all, Benjamin Levin was in cohorts with Wynee and the news media only reported his sex accusations once, but the media keeps on smearing Rob Ford’s name because when Rob Ford was in office he tried to remove the union parasites for the sake of hard working Canadians.

        Rob Ford is opposed to Karen Stintz traffic-causing transit plan and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is going to become one metropolis with one school board, one city council and power is concentrated in the hands of the few.

        The government isn’t kicking out farmers in the GTHA for no reason!!!

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