Liberal’s totally “screwed up our electricity system” YET “won’t stop screwing it over”!!!

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

When a child gets caught doing something wrong, and we all have, they usually STOP doing it!

When an adult gets caught breaking the law and gets caught, they usually STOP breaking the law by being locked up or heavily fined.

BUT, when a politician screws something up and gets caught they seem to be able to continue on the same downward slide to oblivion without any law and order to make them STOP!

The word INSANITY is defined: “doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”.

So one could label this present Ontario Liberal Party as completely INSANE!

But don’t tell Kathleen Wynne or her bobble-headed Ministers that because apparently they think they are above the fray and entitled to keep on keeping on screwing us over!

Wynne can run, but she can’t hide

NOVEMBER 28, 2013



If there’s one thing Premier Kathleen Wynne would like to run away from — see her latest campaign ad — it’s the complete mess the Liberals have made of the electricity file in Ontario.

With Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli babbling about the need to promote “energy literacy” and his ministry developing a kindergarten-level “emPOWERme” website to explain electricity use to Ontarians, it’s not hard to see why.

Back in the real world, here’s the problem.

By blundering into green energy without having any idea of what they were doing, the Liberals have wasted billions of public dollars and guaranteed huge increases in the cost of electricity for decades to come

All anyone has to do to understand how it happened is to read the 33-page report released by the Auditor General of Ontario in December, 2011 entitled, “Electricity Sector — Renewable Energy Initiatives.” There, blow by blow, former auditor general Jim McCarter documents how the Liberals rushed into pie-in-the-sky wind and solar power schemes, ignoring even the advice of their own experts about how to lower the costs.

How they did this without a business plan and without any internal auditing of how the money was being spent.

How the Liberals paid ridiculously inflated prices for unreliable wind and solar power, while also having to pay developers hundreds of millions of dollars annually NOT to produce electricity, since Ontario has an energy glut.

How the Liberals didn’t put out to public tender the massive green energy deal they signed with South Korea’s Samsung corporation.

How the Liberals’ promise their Green Energy Act would create 50,000 new jobs in three years was a myth, and that the far more likely outcome was a net loss of jobs because of the increase in electricity rates caused by their green schemes.

All this in the name of ending Ontario’s reliance on coal-fired energy, which in the end they didn’t replace with wind and solar power — because that would have been impossible — but with an increased reliance on nuclear power and natural gas.



  1. Xyila says:

    Try opting out of this madness using common law, which is the foundation stone of all English law

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