Eco-Whackos at COP 19 in Poland walk out because nobody believes their “Green Money Scamming Fraud” anymore!!!

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Boo Hoo! After 40+ years of lying and deceiving the world, the “Greenies”, NGO’s who have basically lied and created a false world of Global Warming terror and doom and gloom scenarios have finally been denied their “self entitled” money grab at the latest Global Climate Conference in Poland.

The Al Gore’s and Davis Suzuki’s of the world have been exposed for the hypocrites they are and groups like WWF, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth among others collectively got up and walked out on the conference in Poland because NOBODY believes them anymore!

The United Nations bobble head, Moon, ramped up his Global Disaster rhetoric during this two week exercise in wealth transfer from rich to poor nations and again, nobody bought into it!

Ain’t education a bitch!

COP 19: The Left walks out on the climate talks

November 23, 2013 by 

climate socialist youth

Denied instant gratification of their global warming dreams of redistribution, up to 800 members of extreme enviro-left nongovernmental organizations walked out of COP 19, the UN climate summit in Warsaw, Poland.

Among the NGOs walking out was Earth in Brackets, Greenpeace,, Jubilee South, WWF, Oxfam,  Friends of the Earth, ActionAid, the Third World Network and the International Trade Union Confederation.

By walking out they hoped to echo and support the walkout that China recently led of  132 poor nations frustrated over resistance by developing nations to adopting the “loss and damage” concept under which rich nations would agree to be legally liable or extreme weather and other events which strike poor nations.

Loss and damage (as CFACT has explained before) would create a massive windfall  for developing nations by mandating redistribution when natural disasters strike.  Industrialized nations have so far been unwilling to openly oppose loss and damage, but instead have sought to delay funding the concept until after their hoped for full global warming treaty is signed in Paris in 2015.

Loss and damage is scientifically bogus.  There has been little warming to date, none since the nineties and world weather, even when occasionally extreme, is historically normal.

However, the tragic Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, which struck the Philippines just before the Warsaw talks began, has provided developing nations and the left with a powerful emotional argument in support of loss and damage.  Philippine negotiator Yeb Sano’s hunger strike, which he reports remains unbroken, added potent drama to their position.

The lack of a valid causal relationship between industrialized human freedom, global warming and the typhoon is of no concern to the advocates of loss and damage.  They want your money and they want it now.

Left polluters talk we walk

Many of the members of leftist NGOs who walked out surrendered their conference badges to UN security.  They expressed outrage, not just over their redistributionist frustrations, but over the participation in the talks of members of industry marching behind a banner which read, “polluters talk, we walk.” 

Susann Scherbarth of the leftist pressure group Friends of the Earth said “We are walking out in frustration and disappointment – the talks here in Poland have done nothing to cut emissions or provide real finance to tackle climate change. We also walk out in solidarity, with those communities and countries who stand to lose so much from climate change, and for whom these talks have done so little. Enough is enough.”

So out they walked on sneakers made from petroleum, talking on their i-phones and brandishing placards which they could make affordably from materials readily available due to industrial economies of scale.

The warming-left has been upset with host country Poland throughout COP 19 for its use of corporate sponsors to pay for hospitality, goody bags  and other aspects of the conference.  Polish conference organizers were not used to the politically correct aspects of the climate conference and sought to offer their best Polish hospitality the same as they do when organizing other major gatherings.  They failed to reckon with the army of warming pressure groups set to descend upon them, all desperately seeking something upon which to express outrage.

The ever-present intolerance of the warming-left is particularly bizarre, as the UN rules of civil society are what gave them the opportunity to participate in the climate talks in the first place.

At the first UN Earth Summit held in Rio in 1992, the UN adopted its infamous “Agenda 21” which has been the catalyst for the UN’s climate and environmental program since.  The Rio Earth Summit established the premise that governments cannot implement the UN’s agenda in isolation and formally established nine major group constituencies to work with them.  (CFACT’s delegation participates in the UN talks as an officially recognized NGO).


  1. Before anyone breaks out the champagne prematurely – a last-minute “consensus” was reached:
    The “Principles” :
    – the closing line offers the good news for the taxpayers of member “developed” countries (including Canada)? “… rich countries say that it will not get new funds beyond the planned $100 billion a year from 2020. ”
    Wonder how long it will take for the mainstream media to fully inform all Canadians on the details of this Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss & Damage Associated with Climate-Related Impacts?
    About the same length of time it took to fully inform all Canadians on the details of our Federal Sustainable Development Act (2008) & Strategy?

  2. 1957chev says:

    Don’t go away mad, Lefties….just go away!

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