Your Hydro Bill this month should be a “doozy”!……thank the Ontario Government for “screwing you” once again!

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Have you opened your Hydro Bill and held your lunch or supper down after seeing the amount owing for the month?

You must have strong stomach, not to mention a strong constitution!

I just heard a few people today literally “losing it” in the local super market saying they don’t even know how they will afford next week’s groceries let alone any other expenses in this once great Province!

The biggest FRAUD ever pulled on the electrical consumers of Ontario in it’s history is in full blown theft mode now and will only get worse, if that were possible.

Looking at your bill can you spot the “reason” behind this massive gouge?

Try asking a Hydro One employee………good luck with that one!……….they are fresh out of buzz words and explanations that would make any sense at all!

Here in all it’s glory is an explanation by a studious individual that will “open your eyes as wide as your wallet”!

Warning: your blood will boil (and your wallet will drain) on reading this


Another weekend of paradise for wind developers in Ontario?
The weekend of November 9th and 10th were great days for the wind power developers but horrible for ratepayers as I pointed out in a recent article (on Energy Probe)—in fact, it cost Ontario ratepayers upwards of $20 million.
This past weekend was even better for the wind power developers who supplied the grid with almost 60,000 megawatt hours (MWh) in 48 hours and who were obligated to constrain (and got paid for constraining) what looks to be another 3,500 MWh.
While the developers were being paid for that, Ontario was busy exporting 119,000 MWh at an average price of $7.06 per MWh (.07 cents per kWh) on the Saturday, and on Sunday we received
67 cents per MWh.  All of the exports generated around  $450,000 over the weekend to slightly offset the dollars that will be billed to ratepayers via the Global Adjustment (GA).
While the cost to ratepayers was once about $20 million, which included close to $14 million paid to the wind power companies for generated and constrained power, there is more: perhaps as much as $5 million was paid to Bruce Power for steaming off up to 2,500 MW per hour of nuclear, and another $1 million or so to the gas plant generators for sitting idle.   Not included in that estimate is revenue lost to OPG for spilling clean hydro which may have gone to reduce the “residual stranded debt.”
What does it all mean? The IESO Market Summary reports for the two days on the weekend indicated Ontario’s demand was collectively 690,000 MWh but ratepayers were obligated to pay for approximately 900,000 MWh or 30% more than we consumed, without factoring in line losses which would add another 1-9%.
So the next time you go shopping for anything supplied by the governing Ontario Liberal Party be prepared to pay them 30% more than the value of what you are purchasing.   You should also look for November to produce the highest GA amount so far as the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) has averaged $9.98 per MWh or 1 cent per kWh which means, come May 1, 2014, we should expect electricity rates will climb again.
Actor Alan Alda is supposed to have said that  “Insanity is just a state of mind.” Maybe that represents  the way this province is run, considering the state of mind of our Energy Ministers and the giant, expensive mess they have created.
Parker Gallant
November 19, 2013


  1. I wonder if anyone has actually asked the GOV for a statement on ALL THE the extra in Cents/Kwhr that the avg. home owner (say if 10,000 kwhrs/year) NOW pays on their actual bill, for Smart Meter extras in the monthly fee and extras on Rates charged v the Two Tier , Conservation program extras in the Delivery, and Green Wind Solar program from maybe 3% of generation total extras in the Glbl AdJ in the Regulated Rates, and HST extra once the Green credit ends? I have a Model available. Of course getting a Factual statement without all the Mush is likely impossible …. too bad , Let alone the extra cents / kwhr for ALL industry/commercial users !!! once these programs are in place, thats it !!!

    • We are no longer paying for what electricity we use but for what the Government “needs” to offset their almost 300 billion dollar debt load they have created!………..this is the biggest FRAUD ever committed on a citizenry in the history of Ontario!

      • Sure, I was thinking the simple way for us mere mortals to see what this impact is , would be for the GOV to answer a simple question on what is the impact to say an average home owner .10,000 kwhrs/year .. my guess is about 3 to 4 cents/kwhr or may be $300 to $400 / year . Maybe some one has asKed the GOV for their number? Or have you checked your own bills?

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