Has the U.N.’s “Social Justice” mantra invaded Catholic Schools?….or in plain language, has our school systems been “HIJACKED”?

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

The World seems to be upside down lately, topsy turvy, whatever one wants to label it. From financial institutions, political institutions, educational institutions, social institutions not to mention our basic Democratic ideals seem to be under attack from a rather insidious and crazy as a rat in a coffee can bunch of radicals who spout “Green Eco-Religious insanity” and “Social Justice” like it was already a settled “way of living”!

These “elitists” as they would like everyone to call them, seem to wield power and influence at most levels of governance, yet show little “humanity” in their actions!

Agenda 21 from the U.N. is just one of the “subliminal” asinine models of change that is defining these idiots and their array of fuzzy and warm messages that are anything but!

Now along comes “Common Core” education values being adopted inside Catholic Schools across the U.S. and heaven only knows how embedded it is here in Canada.

Just because some guy or gal has billions of dollars to their name through their financial successes doesn’t give them any right to “dictate” life styles and social expectations to anyone outside their circle of acquaintances. YET here we have another instance of someone who “thinks” they have been “elevated” to a high and mighty role to play in “saving the world” from itself! Of course we have many examples of these types of people, David Suzuki, Maurice Strong, Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore, the Kielburger brothers, just to name a few.

Along comes Bill and Melinda Gates who have “dedicated” their lives to a noble and passionate “remake” of the world in some strange interpretation of how people should live and think, even if they don’t want to.

I think a wee little moustached man back in the last century tried that and now we celebrate every November 11th as the day we revere those who gave so much to stop him!

Are Bill and Melinda Gates now running U.S. Catholic schools?

Catholic schools in the United States increasingly accept the Common Core educational standards promoted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

In my previous report on Common Core Educational Standards I included a section on an interview conducted during the Friday morning, 11:00AM, Bishop’s Hour Program on Immaculate Heart Radio, 1620 AM dial out of Sacramento, in which Rick Maya Superintendent of the Sacramento Catholic Diocese was interviewed. The subject was the Acceptance by all California Diocesan school districts (10) of the Common Core State (education) Standards which, Mr Maya assured us, was in no way similar to the sectarianCCSS but would be “infused” with Catholic Principles. CCSS is, he acknowledged, the roadmap to a common core of standards, but the Catholic curriculum would be the route taken (it’s called Social Justice) to attain that common core.
Apparently the Bishop’s Hour program received numerous unhappy responses to this announcement because last Friday, Nov 15, The Assistant Diocesan Superintendent, Laurie Powers, was interviewed to reassure listeners that the education of their children was not a “political endeavour.”
Further, she emphatically stated that there was no government funding behind the acceptance of the Common Core Standards. http://ihrarchive.org/archive/sbh-20131115.mp3
She did seem a little confused about one thing. She used the phrase “the Whole person” as being the target for a Catholic education, yet did not seem to realize that that is also the mantra of the public education. She also seemed not to appreciate how impersonal and unfeeling it appears to use “person: rather than “child.”  One wonders, also if she realized that the phrase, the whole person/child indicates that the educational system is, just like the public schools, presuming to take over the total development of every aspect of an individual’s life, physical health, mental health, nutrition, social skills, workforce training and preparation?
In referring to reading literacy for the 3rd grade she declared that there would be an emphasis on “informational reading” as well as the classics.  Informational reading, just like in the public schools, is very utilitarian in nature.  Children will read personal biographies and histories not for their literary skills, historic or creative sense but for the development of specific objectives pertaining to the training. For instance, if they were in a math class, they might read a book about a mathemetician. If they were in a history class they might just be reading a book about Harvey Milk and his contribution to local history.
In the previous article I referred to above, a 4th grade public school class was reading the biography of Coretta Scott King. The class was being encouraged to draw from her life’s story certain values.
What modern day stories will the Catholic school kids read to obtain certain values?  Will they read about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, George Washington Carver, or St. Martin de Porres as examples of equitable justice or compassion?
The most unsettling statement Ms Powers made was that in 1997 Catholic Educators took a look at Catholic education, at least in California, and decided to develop curriculum based on the California state (public) School Standards.
What happened in 1997 to cause this?  Please see below the notation on The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millenium.

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