Wynne loves “running” while she “drains your bank accounts” for her “Wind Buddies”

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

That’s right folks!…….while you watch her running up and down Rural Roads trying to tell you how she is all about winning and finishing what she started, maybe she could elaborate a bit about what she is trying to “finish”!

What about finishing off your bank account by sucking every last cent out your pocket for unnecessary and expensive “Green Energy” that not only “don’t we need” but she pays others to take off our hands all AT YOUR EXPENSE!

That’s right! Wind Developers across Ontario LOVE Kathleen Wynne /Dalton McGuinty for their giant Green Ponzi Scheme they introduced undemocratically on May 9/ 2009 and has guaranteed a small consortium of back room buddies decades of unending payola at our expense for Energy that is generated by Wind Turbines and Solar Panels that is not needed let alone affordable.

According to page 12 of The Canadian Wind Energy Association’s WindVision 2025 document it appears the main purpose for installing thousands of Wind Turbines inside Ontario is to create an “electrical generator” for our U.S. neighbours, no matter how much it costs the Ontario consumer. In fact the contracts that Ontario has signed with developers guarantees a high rate of return for every KW produced even when we don’t need it. In fact Ontario actually PAYS the U.S. to take our power and that payment gets charged back to US on our Hydro bills!

Here’s the actual wording from CANWEA on their page 12 of their 2025 WindVision, or as I like to call it Ontario Nightmare 2025.

Canada’s export opportunities are tremendous
“In 2008, Canada was the world’s 4th largest exporter of electricity. We sit next door to the world’s largest electricity
consumer which has a strong and growing appetite for green power. In fact, 25 American states now require a certain
portion of their electricity to come from renewable sources. These initial efforts will lead to the installation of 61,000 MW
of new renewable energy generating capacity. Canada enjoys a long history of energy and electricity trade
with the Americans and there are great opportunities to build on this through wind exports. For example, Canada’s Atlantic
provinces have tremendous wind resources but a relatively small demand for electricity. Across the border, however, in
the north eastern United States, there is a huge demand for electricity that will be difficult to meet from local renewable
sources. Wind power from Atlantic Canada can fill this gap and there are similar opportunities in other parts of Canada
as well.”

Parker Gallant: Wynne Government picks ratepayers pockets for wind turbine developers

(November 16, 2013) While Premier Wynne was out jogging in the countryside (sans any turbines in the background) for the recently released Liberal promo many of us ratepayers were having our pockets picked.

Looking only at the weekend of November 9th and 10th it appears that we ratepayers were supplying many wind developers with lots of cash that will allow them to make their maximum contributions to the Ontario Liberal Party.

Ontario exported over 115,000 megawatt hours in those two days and earned about $34,000 which will be billed out to customers at close to 10 cents a kilowatt hour while generating revenue of one quarter of 1 cent per kWh from our neighbours.  At the same time we were paying gas plants to sit idle (as backup for wind turbines) and presumably Bruce Power to steam off nuclear and several wind developers for curtailed production. The all in costs of those exports for the two days was in the range of $20 million all of which will come from Ontario’s ratepayers. I also expect that OPG spilled some nice clean hydro without any compensation over those two days which is a big part of their recent request to the OEB for payments onunregulated hydro to jump to $50. per MWh (5 cents per kWh) in the future rather than relying on the hourly Ontario energy price (averaging 2.6 cents per kWh so far in 2013 and 1 cent a kWh as I write this).

Now on those two November days wind produced 56,747 MWh or about half of what Ontario exported.  Additionally it appears they had 6,720 MWh curtailed and for the latter received a slight reduction in their contracted payment amount. Putting the two (actual plus curtailed production) together and estimating an average price of say $120 per MWh would mean wind developers received $7.6 million for producing and for not producing electricity that Ontario didn’t need in the first place.

Ratepayers in just two days had their pockets picked by the Wynne Liberals of $20 million. If it wasn’t wasted we could have bought 10 new MRI machines, built one new school, hired 10 doctors at $200,000 per year for ten years or paved 10 kilometers of highway. Now our neighbours in Michigan and New York will have those savings and can use their spare cash to attract Canadian industry possibly including some of our food processors like Heinz from Leamington who just announced they are closing their operation after 104 years in business. This will result in 740 lost jobs.


  1. TorontoStar&TorontoSun says:

    Ontario is a have-not province..These sleazy teachers who corrupt their students with these global warming myths, sex-ed classes and even having “practical” sex-ed sessions with their students should be placed on the Wall of Shame.

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