WARNING to Parents: “your children are being brain-washed” by Ontario Teachers! … Part 111

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In this last post on how our children are being brainwashed inside the Ontario School curriculum we find out that the “science” portion of their education is riddled with references to a huge FAKE scientist and disgraced Global Warming cheerleader AL GORE!

I assume it doesn’t matter that this green goon has been basically exposed by the real scientific community as one of the worst offenders of psycho-babble and lies about Global Warming, Green Energy and all things related to Carbon and civilization-destroying strategies that are endorsed by the likes of David Suzuki, Maurice Strong, United Nations and the list goes on!

When our children are being taught and encouraged to adopt lies and falsehoods by so-called “teachers” then I would state unequivocally that we are paying people TO ABUSE OUR CHILDREN!

If you as a parent don’t think you can do anything about this misrepresentation of authority then I would suggest you disqualify yourself as your children’s protector and care-giver and sign your child over completely to these “immoral lepers”!

Ontario’s Green Religion: relying on opinions, not science

A source of learning on science?
Science teaching in Ontario: David Suzukism and Al Goreism?
On the final day of the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA) annual conference on October 10, 2013 they announced the winners of three bursaries to students entering or in post-secondary education. CanWEA runs an annual contest for the best “blog” on the subject of “Building a Clean Energy Future” which reputedly got 500 entries.   No surprise: the school curriculum in Ontario in “science” (grades 1 through 12) concludes thatglobal warming is a fact and “renewable energy” including wind and solar will reduce emissions and ensure mankind survives.
The Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) for Grade 7, Science & Technology has a lesson referred to as “Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Financial Literacy”, where the instructions are:
“Students watch a video that contains major messages about the earth and the impact of humans on it. They use the video as a starting point for a guided discussion on the environmental issues, including the financial implications of how humans meet their wants and needs. This will allow activation of their prior knowledge.”
It  goes on to say they should watch videos:“selected scenes from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth(CDs of this video were delivered to school boards throughout the province.)” and “What is Nature Worth, a short, three-minute clip that raises important questions about the economic value of the services nature provides. It is part of a series of resources available on the “Natural Capital” page of the David Suzuki Foundation website in which the economic contributions of nature to human activities is explored.”
As pointed out in an earlier article STAO has dozens of articles and links to David Suzuki, the IPCC, Pembina and many other environmental non-government organizations (ENGO) including one named Green Learning Canada.  The latter based on a “whois” search is a Pembina creation by David Dodge, a journalist and former “communications director” of Pembina.  It appears that STOA is happy to claim “science” from a “journalist” is to be trusted!  This Grade 7 lesson (37 pages) goes on to produce a “Lesson One” chart onpage 7, referred to as:
BLM 1.1 K-W-L Chart (Introduction to the Use of Non-Renewable Energy and Its Impact on the Environment)”  and notes to the student:
“Below are some words and terms you might hear in the video that you will be watching. Many of these are just to help you understand what you are going to see” which include
“MicroFIT – Ontario residents are able to develop a very small or “micro” renewable energy generation project (10 kW or less in size) on their properties (e.g., using windmills).
Non-renewable Energy comes from a resource which cannot be reproduced, grown or generated. Once used, there is no more remaining. Examples of these resources are coal, petroleum, natural gas, and uranium (for nuclear power).
Renewable Energy uses natural resources that are either unlimited (e.g., wind, sunlight, tides) or that are re­placed in relatively short amounts of time (e.g., biofuels). Although they present some challenges, resources such as wind (used for wind power), geothermal heat (used for geothermal power), and radiant energy (used for solar power) are practically infinite and cannot be depleted.
Wind Energy uses wind turbines (windmills) and the force of the wind to produce electrical energy (electricity).
Solar Energy uses the sun shining on solar panels to produce electrical energy (electricity).”
The lesson doesn’t end there as the students than get the opportunity to watch a Bullfrog Power advertisement and give the teacher these instructions:
“Prior to the brainstorming activity, students watch a short video such as that provided by Bullfrog Power  to get them thinking about alternate sources of electricity and the kinds of messages energy providers deliver.”
Now one would question the “science” in messages whose sole purpose was to convince you to switch to a retail electricity provider whose objective is solely to sell you something, or from a journalist who does not have scientific qualifications. But it seems STOA ignores all that.
STOA holds an annual Conference, and the agenda for the 2011 conference included the following:
“EcoBuzz – Encouraging global environmental student collaboration through conferences
(Class Collaborations)
Learn how science students enrolled in an environmentally themed school are using daily learning opportunities to advocate for the environment and sustainable lifestyles. Grade 9 and 10 students enrolled at David Suzuki Secondary School, opening in September 2011, will share activities, projects, and anecdotes on an integrated environmental approach that has impacted their learning.”
“43 Workshops from K-12
Attend workshops covering oil spills to wind turbines, from Web 2.0 tools to Culminating Performance Tasks. See how Smarter Science embeds Literacy, Numeracy, and Differentiation.”
It becomes obvious pretty quickly that our school system has been hijacked by those ENGOs with David Suzuki (a biologist) held up as the guru of renewable energy.
Another interesting find on the STOA website was related to a “Grade 12 science University/College  Preparation” which in summary instructs the student to confirm David Suzuki’s claims of upcoming environmental disaster. From this 117-page document:
“David Suzuki says that “we continue to cling to certain ‘sacred truths’ that blind us to many problems and often cause the ones that we do recognize”.
The sacred truths are as follows:
1. We equate “progress” with growth
2. We have come to believe in the ability of science to provide us with the knowledge to understand and manage our natural resources.
3. We believe that we can manage the effects of new technologies by doing proper cost/benefit analysis to maximize the benefits while minimizing costs.
4. We believe we can minimize environmental damage from activity by carrying out environmental assessments.
5. We believe that in a democracy, we elect people to political office to represent and lead us into the future.
In these cases of disaster, provide evidence to substantiate Suzuki’s claim.”
The foregoing direction to the student by the “science” teacher is all encompassing and is a declaration that the science has been settled by none other than David Suzuki, the biologist who in a YouTube video said humans are all maggots.
It is interesting that John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia (where David Suzuki embarrassed himself for not knowing the “science” of global warming [the Melbourne Herald referred to him as a “blowhard”]) delivered a speech November 5, 2013 to the Global Warming Policy Foundation.  The Honourable John Howard’s speech contained the following message in respect to “science”:
Writing recently in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr Richard S. Lindzen, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said of those with political agendas who found it useful to employ science, “This immediately involves a distortion of science at a very basic level: namely science becomes a source of authority rather than a mode of inquiry. The real utility of science stems from the latter; the political utility stems from the former.”
It seems obvious in Ontario insofar as the teaching profession is concerned, “science” has indeed become; “a source of authority” based on Goreism and Suzukism which many view as a religion not a science.
©Parker Gallant,                                                                                                                              November 16, 2013
This concludes the Green Religion series. The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not represent Wind Concerns Ontario policy.
Editor’s Note: For an interesting article on a legal case in the U.K. concerning the use of Gore’s film in schools, click here.
  1. Grapes says:

    We must live in cramped apartments while these teachers live in upscale townhomes? Reminds me of ancient Rome ain’t it?

  2. […] Have our children become “pawns” in the adult world of politics, labour, Climate Change and sexual policies that are being preached by “educators and politicians” in order to force their bizarre agendas on the w…? […]

  3. 1957chev says:

    Parents….make sure that your children know the truth! It is your responsibility to make sure they know what is being said by those people (Suzuki & Gore), and it is even more important for them to understand why they are saying it. It is all part of a global agenda, and the agenda is not a good one. We need to educate everyone, even our kids, so that we all know what we are fighting against!

    • TorontoStar&TorontoSun says:

      I concur..but not everyone is willing to accept the truth that some group of people are trying to increase the density of urban areas to monitor everyone..

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