HA!……now a wind company wants Ontarians to pay $2.25 BILLION for not even building a wind turbine!!!

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Forget the 1 Billion dollar screw-up by not building gas plants and winning a minority Government in the last election, the Liberals cancelled a wind turbine development off the shores of Scarborough in 2011 and now the company, Trillium Power wants to bleed 2 and 1/4 Billion dollars out of tax payers pockets for the cancellation of their useless plans.

Talk about the “nerve”, let alone the “sheer audacity” of the “Green Industry” that was created by “now in hiding” ex Premier Dalton McGuinty and his dwindling back room Ministers of Energy and other notable Ministries that propped these scammers up since the Green Energy Act was forced down Ontarians throats in May of 2009!

These fake Green Corporations are nothing more than a “giant ponzi consortium” that has been legally allowed to bankrupt Ontario and literally destroy our energy sector!

Let’s hope the Police investigation inside the Pink Palace of Pain, (Queen’s Park) finds some trace of this devious Government’s criminal actions.

A “pox on their house” may be an old saying but it sure is relevant today!

Wind-power company Trillium gets OK to sue Ontario for $2.25B


Trillium Power Wind Corp. has won an appeal that will allow it to proceed with a $2.25-billion lawsuit against the government of Ontario for imposing what the company alleges was a politically motivated moratorium on offshore wind farm development during the 2011 election.

In a decision this week, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that Trillium should be allowed to argue its case that the decision constituted “misfeasance in public office.”

In doing so, it overturned in part an October 2012 decision by Superior Court Judge Robert Goldstein dismissing Trillium’s lawsuit.

The appeal court upheld Goldstein’s finding that most of Trillium’s allegations — including breach of contract, unjust enrichment, expropriation, negligent misrepresentation and intentional infliction of economic harm — had no prospect of success.

But that was not true, the court found, of the company’s misfeasance claim, which alleges that the government’s decision to suspend or cancel its offshore wind power program was specifically targeted at Trillium in order to injure it by crippling its financial capacity.

“It cannot be said, at this stage of the proceedings, that it is ‘plain and obvious’ that those allegations will not succeed at trial,” the appeal court panel found.

The Ontario government said it would be “inappropriate” to comment on the decision because the case is before the courts.

Asked if the province is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli’s press secretary, Becky Codd-Downey, said the government is considering its options and “no decisions have been made at this time.”

The Liberal government is still dealing with the fallout from another decision made during the 2011 election — its decision to cancel gas-fired power plants in Oakville and Mississauga to save Liberal seats.

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk put the cost of the cancellations at about $1 billion in a report last month. And OPP detectives visited Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office Wednesday as part of their criminal investigation into the destruction of emails related to the two cancelled plants.

In its statement of claim, Trillium said its allegation of misfeasance applied to former premier Dalton McGuinty and three of his ministers — Brad Duguid, then energy minister, John Wilkinson, then environment minister, and Linda Jeffrey, then natural resources minister.



  1. TorontoStar&TorontoSun says:

    Ontarians need to protest against these fraudulent and careless policies but if Canadians are passive about it I shudder to think what life will become when hydro increases by 500% and cost of living increases because of the failed green power scams.

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