Ontario Government has totally RUINED Ontario with Wind Turbines but forges ahead with many many more!

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

The next question which should be asked now is WHY?

There can be only ONE answer to that question!

Because the Liberal Government has become so corrupt and so completely sold out to the Green Fraudsters who have infiltrated every single Ministry inside Queen’s Park that it no longer has ANY control over decision making that could stop these useless costly and destructive installations!

Every day there seems to be another announcement from Ontario Ministries attempting to explain what they are doing to improve the people’s lot in life, yet the reality of the day is that we are all going down the crapper faster than a polished turd over Niagara Falls!

These “announcements” are just hollow excuses for continuing the gutting of Ontario under the unseen puppeteers who pull Wynne’s strings and rob us blind with criminally inflated Electricity Bills!

32 wind developments approved by Ontario government – 30 more on the way

Posted on 11/09/2013by 


Here’s a listing of Renewable Energy Approval Projects approved and still in review. It gives information about each site, number of turbines and in some cases links to the project web page.

For wind there are:

  • 32 approved projects
  • 20 projects in the final stages of screening
  • 10 projects under technical review
  • 4 projects returned for more information (or withdrawn)

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