Oh…………. the Hypocrisy!!!!! ……. Wynne “wrings her hands over Ford’s dilemma”!!!!!!

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Let He/She without sin cast the first stone”

How “absolutely righteous” is this present Ontario Government?

If this whole political situation in Toronto and across Ontario wasn’t so serious, the stance that political leaders are taking regarding Rob Ford’s “meltdown” would be hilarious, but it is anything BUT!

Every single Ontario citizen is being literally bled dry by this Provincial Government and actually a good number are being physically harmed and in addition to that, being forced from their homes by the scandalous behaviour of McGuinty/Wynne’s Energy Fraud called the Green Energy Act amongst the ever burgeoning files of gas plant scandals, OLG, E Health ORNGE and other massive lootings which is part and parcel of the Government’s close to criminal actions.

YET, Kathleen Wynne is “concerned that Toronto’s Council can’t handle the job of running the business of toronto”!

This is RIPE considering the absolute mess this Provincial Government is in at Queen’s Park!

Clean up your own backyard before scooping poop from your neighbours!

Kathleen Wynne’s hand-wringing over Ford deflects from her own provincial failures

christina-blizzardBY  ,QMI AGENCY NOVEMBER 05, 2013

Siri Agrell, a member of Premier Kathleen Wynne's staff, tweeted this photo of Mayor Rob Ford and Wynne shaking hands Wednesday morning.

Siri Agrell, a member of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s staff, tweeted this photo of Mayor Rob Ford and Wynne shaking hands back in July.

TORONTO – It was like watching a wounded animal going off somewhere to die.

And it was almost unbearable.

It was sad. It was sickening.

The worst thing about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s very bad day is that all his wounds are self-inflicted.

And, frankly, it was revolting watching all those provincial politicians shaking their heads and worrying about the state of government in Toronto.


At least Ford has finally come clean about his use of crack cocaine.

What about the provincial government’s addiction to lying? When are we going to get to pass judgment on them?

Here we had Premier Kathleen Wynne wringing her hands and telling us she was “concerned” about the city not being able to function.

She was a cabinet minister when senior officials in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s office deleted e-mails as they left that office, thus erasing most of the electronic trail of a $1.1-billion gas plant scandal.

“As a Torontonian, as all Torontonians, I am concerned,” Wynne told reporters. “I’m watching this with concern. I have faith in the chief of police and in the police service and I have faith in the judicial system.”

Well, hello. I’m concerned with the way this government has squandered our children’s future. But, Ford’s personal tragedy creates a diversion from that.

Ford’s brother, Etobicoke Councillor Doug Ford, called on the OPP to take over the police investigation after Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair announced last week they’d retrieved the video purporting to show the mayor smoking from a crack pipe.

The way the OPP is racking up political probes right now, I’m not sure they have any time for this one.

They’re still looking into the Ornge air ambulance scandal, where hundreds of millions of dollars were siphoned from public coffers in an attempt to privatize that service.

Provincial police are still probing whether there was any criminal wrongdoing with the deleted e-mails.


  1. 1957chev says:

    The despicable behaviour of the provincial Liberals is far more serious, than a mayor who has a substance abuse issue. How much harm had Rob Ford done to his constituents? Now ask yourself the same question about Wynne and her merry band of miscreants. There is no question, that Rob Ford needs help, but at least he has admitted that he has a problem, and he has vowed not to let it happen again. The Liberals try to deny that they are harming us, continue to harm us, and will tell you boldly, that it is for the “greater good”, (meaning that of her buddies), and that they have no intention of stopping. There should be hard time in prison for the global scam that they have gotten us involved in with the “unreliables” industry. Our energy system, is in a huge mess, and they are refusing to correct, or even admit, that there is damage repair to be done. Rural Ontario, as well as the rest of the taxpaying citizens, have been abused, and this gaping wound, is not going to heal itself. We need a new government. The sooner, the better. The Libs, with the blessing of the NDP, have destroyed our economy, and our democratic rights, and we have to fight, to regain what we had. The Greed Energy Act is a disgusting, inhumane piece of legislation, and we must insist that it is repealed!!!

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