Liberals promise to balance books even though Province is basically “BANKRUPT”!

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Even the slowest and dumbest indebted individual in this Province wouldn’t say anything like we just heard from Charles Souza today when he stated publicly that his party was on track to “balance the Province’s books by 2017-18”!

Are these guys doing some new designer drug that literally alters reality so much that up is down and black is white?

Or are they living in an alternate universe where going deeper in debt means things are getting better?

OR could it be that the Liberals “think” Ontarians are so “brain dead” and uneducated that no matter what ridiculous statements are made by them will be believed!

We are over 240 BILLION DOLLARS in debt right now and the interest payments per year on that debt is up to 11 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!

That’s 9 zeros behind the initial figure Charley, not 6,…………………..NINE!

Here’s what it looks like Charley in actual “rithmatick” language which you obviously didn’t quite grasp when you attended a school.


How in God’s Green Garden would a Government “balance the books” in 3 years that owes that much money???………………….IF you sold every single enterprise, property and holding that Ontario claims to own, you wouldn’t even pay off the interest for one single year of payments, let alone wipe out a 240 billion dollar debt!

On the basis of this ridicule statement I would suggest the people of Ontario march on Queen’s Park and demand these losers exit OUR pink building and get the hell outta town!

Liberals refuse to make needed spending cuts

Sue-Ann LevyBY  ,TORONTO SUN NOVEMBER 03, 2013

Charles Sousa

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa. (Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun files)

Let’s see now.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa insists he intends to balance the province’s books by 2017-2018.

He even repeated that mantra this past Friday.

“I am looking forward to talking to you next week,” he said to reporters, referring to the fall economic statement he will deliver Thursday.

“We are on track to balance the books by 2017-18 and every decision we make is about how we help create a job and how we help businesses create jobs.”

But as Don Drummond said in his well-articulated report of early 2012, that would mean targeting a spending level across the entire Ontario government that is a whopping 17% lower than now — meaning drastically limiting spending on programs, which also factors into consideration population and inflation growth.

Drummond called that a “wrenching reduction from the path” provincial spending is now on.

He also said to put the province on a sustainable path, the growth in Ontario’s debt burden must also be severely curtailed.

“Ontario must act soon to put its finance on a sustainable path and must be prepared for tough action … at least until 2018,” he wrote.

So I asked Sousa how close he was to reaching that 17% target, given that 2017 is closer than he thinks.

He insisted more than 60% of Drummond’s recommendations have been “put forward” and as a result of the work they’ve done, they’ve been able to control spending growth by under 1% the year.

In fact, he crowed, Ontario is the “lowest cost government in Canada.”

When I suggested they still had that 17% target to reach, Sousa said they’re going to continue “advancing and looking at ways” to control their spending.

He also insisted he and his Liberal colleagues can say “No” to union and special interest group demands because this is not at all about “election cycle politics” or “what’s in it” for their government, but about “what’s in it” for the people of Ontario.

Excuse me for a moment while I laugh hysterically. Does the man think Ontarians are morons?


  1. J Seinmeyer says:

    That is CUPE (the big canadian public service union) endorsing a feminist rally against Warren Farrell. The feminist protesters claim that Warren Farrell supports the patriarchy and so therefore his talk is “hate speech” and must be silenced by any means necessary. They used violence and all of the entrances and exits of the building that Warren Farrell was to speak at. They are protesting against mens rights, and saying that mens rights is “hate”

  2. Paul says:

    I’m a white male and I do not reap the benefits of this liberal term ‘white privilege’…. ….The rest of your post is definitely something I can agree on, but maybe this white privilege is applicable to only these pedophiles and females……

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