Liberal-created money-sucking agency, the OPA gets more bloated and will suck your $$$ even harder!

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The so-called “temporary” Ontario Power Authority created by the scandal plagued Liberal Party has basically screwed Ontario electrical consumers out of billions of hard earned dollars and ruined what used to be an affordable and dependable electrical supply system.

Not to stop this bloated and over-financed gaggle of gerbils or even cut back their influence on “stupid/smart” solutions that have ruined our Province, the Liberals are now, through the Ontario Energy Board, have increased their foul influence over many more arms of legislation which will just about “finish us all off” and force most Ontarians in massive ENERGY POVERTY!

Hurry up election day!

Parker Gallant on Ontario Power Authority: new plans are afoot!

Planning and planning and planning?
Ontario Power Authority’s new mandate—21 new Integrated Regional Resource Plans
One needs to travel back several years to understand the context of planning as it relates to Ontario’s electricity sector.   It started with Dwight Duncan’s creation of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) a “temporary” agency.  The OPA was created to provide an Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP) that would look ahead 20 years and decide the makeup of how we would generate and consume electricity.  It had offshoots which included the use of “smart meters” and development of a “smart grid” that the Liberals hoped would be the envy of the rest of the developed world, create jobs and make Ontario the “leader of the pack” in all that is “green” and “smart”!
Coming full circle to today (late 2013) we know now that the Liberals ultimate creation was neither smart nor enviable. Its effect is that Ontario is poised to become the highest priced electricity sector in North America!
Planning by the OPA created two versions of the IPSP both of which were tossed in file 10 (the garbage) by the Liberals. That temporary agency, the OPA, now appears a lot more permanent and will likely outlast the Liberal government, despite last year’s plan to merge it with IESO!
To put the foregoing in context, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) just completed the process of “amending the licence” of the OPA to accommodate the latest incarnation.   This time, the OPA is charged with producing not just one vision of our future “electricity” needs: it has received the blessing to produce as many as 21 Integrated Regional Resource Plans (IRRP) for the “electricity regions” that exist in the province.
The Smitherman-Duguid legacy
Reviewing the history of the OPA discloses the IPSP they produced was on the verge of being blessed by the OEB.  At that moment in their short life, McGuinty appointed Mr. Smitherman Energy Minister. Smitherman begat the Green Energy & Green Economy Act (GEA) and told the OPA to start over with IPSP II.  The OPA did as “directed” presenting the revised version to Brad Duguid just prior to the 2011 Provincial Election.  In the newly elected minority Liberal government,  Chris Bentley found himself in the Energy Chair and  shortly thereafter decreed that the planning was over and they would simply accept the Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) developed as a guide, by Brad Duguid.  The LTEP turned out to be the accepted “gospel” of what the Ministry saw as a “plan.”
Subsequent events include Minister Bentley being thrown “under the bus” by McGuinty in respect to the gas plant scandals, the proroguing of the Legislature, and to Kathleen Wynne named new Premier.  Wynne appointed Bob Chiarelli as the new Energy Minister, leading to numerous “consultations” with a variety of “stakeholders” through the summer months. This fall, some of those “consultations” have created a new wealth of energy planning.
The OEB’s “Decision and Order” affecting the amended licencing of the OPA is significant.  The changes now allow the OPA to develop not just one “plan” but as many as 21 for the various “Electricity Regions” in the Province.  Each of those plans, or IRRPs, are described as:
“…a document prepared by the Licensee that identifies the appropriate mix of investments in one or more of conservation and demand management, generation, transmission facilities or distribution facilities, or other electricity system initiatives in order to address the electricity needs of a region in the near- (up to 5 years), mid- (5 to 10 years), and long-term (10 to 20 years)”.
When this writer determined some time ago that the OPA had developed the revised version of the IPSP and delivered it to Energy Minister Bentley, contact was established with a Ministry official to determine what happened to IPSP II.   The response received was:
“In response to your questions on the IPSP process, the proposed legislation at the below link, regarding the merger of the IESO and the OPA, also sets out a proposed new framework for long-term energy planning in Ontario.

The IPSP was designed with good intentions but it has proven far too rigid and slow to be an effective tool for planning our energy supply. Ontario’s fiscal reality has changed a great deal since we began the planning process, and we need planning tools that can keep pace for the short, medium and long-term.”
Translation: in the minds of the Liberals the OPA wasn’t “up to snuff” in the development or revision of the IPSP! Now here we are with a new Liberal Minister a year and a half later and suddenly the OPA has the ability to develop as many as 21 IRRPs.
Taking advice…or not
So what happened to gain the confidence of Minister Chiarelli?  Perhaps it was the penchant for “Advisory Panels” which according to Tim Hudak, Opposition Leader, have numbered 36 since Wynne has become Premier.  Chiarelli has certainly been a contributor to that number with at least four of them ongoing through the summer months.
The question for those follow energy in Ontario is: will the Minister accept the recommendations or impose his will as his predecessors have done, or is this another waste of taxpayer money?
Some of the recommendations emanating from those charged with “engaging” stakeholders have been, for lack of a better term, “wimpy”!  For example, the joint recommendation of the OPA and Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) on siting “large” generation projects completely ignored the wishes of approximately 64 (now 73) municipalities who declared that they were “not willing hosts” for industrial-scale wind power generation projects. It failed, despite consistent  municipal input, to recommend offering them the ability to refuse projects.
What the ratepayers of the province have seen in the 10 years of Liberal rule has been unprecedented growth in the cost of a basic commodity and “back of a soiled napkin” planning focused on rewarding large corporations that have taken advantage of above market prices for “renewable” energy.   That “renewable” energy has generated great revenue benefits for the Ontario Liberal Party while driving up the cost of electricity by over 100% with more increases expected for the next generation.
Perhaps that was the Liberal plan from the start!
Parker Gallant,
October 25, 2013


  1. helen busch says:

    Just found a website today where the government is advertising free solar panels, etc.if you qualify. I presume the costs will be added to our hydro bills.

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