Ontario Government + Nextera Wind Lawyers = “No Justice” for Ontario Citizens!

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Esther Wrightman, the Ontario citizen who is taking on energy giant Nextera over their destructive and harmful Wind development in South Western Ontario has just been put through the proverbial “wringer” at the Environmental Review Tribunal by lawyers and a judiciary that seems “hell bent” on silencing any and all critics of their Government-backed green attack on Ontario Citizens!

Esther’s “expert witnesses” that were slated to appear in front of this Tribunal have been literally blocked from appearing in the hearing room by various lame and psycho-babble statements offered up by professional pencil necks with legal initials behind their names.

I trust the parents of these legalists are proud of all the money they had to dig up through life to put these people through their various post-graduate studies in order to have them protect an immoral and anti-human gaggle of gerbils who know nothing of fair play, have zero empathy let alone a sense of humanity in their pursuit of the almighty buck at any cost!

Here is Esther Wrightman’s personal and brave statement about what she endured and her statement of the misdeeds perpetrated against her at this “SHAM HEARING”!

Esther’s blast on the Environmental Review Tribunal

Posted on 10/17/2013


  1. […] Ontario Government + Nextera Wind Lawyers = “No Justice” for Ontario Citizens! […]

  2. chuck says:

    Either we stop paying for hydro or we move out of Province. Nice to have a choice.

  3. “I cried for the freedoms we have lost. How can this be happening to honest, hardworking, good citizens of our province”
    Hard for people to actually accept what I am telling you and i noticed you mentioned
    citizens.which means corporate citizens which is a fictional corporation using copyright

    BC material which is not yours to begin with. Fraud
    We are at the bottom of their pyramid system therefor non important with a game we cannot really win unless you have a large amount of corporate citizens to push the higher uppers to comply.
    Or simply not be a corporate citizen fictional slave and dump them.
    Of course this is way to much information for the average citizen to absorb and I know there will be many of you to judge my statements as maddening to imagine or ridicule this statement,so be it
    Yours to discover! I did my 3 years of research seeing and real eyes ing corporate rapping of my life. and they did a good job of that with my family.
    Just us is not here,call it demon-crazy

    • If there was any further proof needed to show people how they are regarded by Government as NON-CITIZENS, this should be enough proof!
      What happens when the people awaken?…all hell breaks loose!

      • Less government means freedom from their fraud they created with there minions .
        Do you really think the the society of law members are saints? The B.A.R, look what that means’ they all wear black,why? England has them ridiculous wigs to boot
        Have any government really made our lives better? It was us the hard working people that fed them and they beat us and take our energy and give it away .They cause all the wars,debt,heavy taxes on the resources we all own. Not them
        Cannot believe we take this beating. But people keep taking this beating. Clueless to really whats going on.
        Im off this plantation to much slavery and fraud

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