The true intent of Green Energy policies is complete now: Countries go BANKRUPT!

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Why did politicians world-wide embrace Wind and Solar electrical generation so rabidly over the past decade?………… save the world from Global Warming?………..NOPE!………….to offer a clean efficient and cheaper form of power?…..definitely NOT!……………….to create a “sustainable and never ending” supply of power that fit the environmentalist’s playbook of “Mother Earth-saving industrialization”?…………..a huge NO on that one!

So why would Governments and fraudulent entrepreneurs want to jam these phallic symbols of destruction down citizens throats with an unrelenting schedule like the German Blitzkrieg of World War 11?

We citizens of the World have experienced probably the worst attack on our quality of life since that disgusting period of war back in the last century by a corrupt and obviously deviated group of “governors” who want to transfer all the wealth of industrialized countries to the third world poor with their insane green plan, and funnel that money through a middle-man who just happens to represent a “United Nations” group of losers who have advocated Agenda 21 for over 30 years under the Cloak of Green!

Here is the real picture of what a country will endure as it halts the massive Green Plan to Destroy Civilization!

Britain’s Energy Chaos: Investors Abandon Sinking Ship

Red Cross To Distribute Winter Food For First Times Since Second World War 10/14/2013

The City has now finally digested Ed Miliband’s energy policy, which could cost the supply companies at least £4.5bn over 2015-17. It is clear that the threat of a price freeze will chill investment in new generating capacity, regardless of what some in Westminster may hope. Equity investors have reacted as they ought to have on day one: they have been selling out of the entire UK gas and electricity sector (and not just supply companies) and switching their money into utilities based in safer countries, –Allister Heath, City A.M., 14 October 2013

Families struggling to cope with rising energy bills face more misery after one of the UK’s leading utilities warned that environmental taxes would trigger even higher prices. The scale of the problem was underlined when the Red Cross announced that it will collect and distribute food aid in Britain this winter for the first time since the second world war. –Guy Chazan, Financial Times, 14 October 2013

Throughout the 1970s, Britain was repeatedly shaken to its core by social mayhem and political chaos caused by disastrous energy crises. The episodic anarchy was not due to a lack of energy – in fact Britain had more coal, oil and gas than any other European country. These traumatic upheavals badly hurt families and UK industries. They also brought down governments and the entire economy. The Tories lost the 1974 Election while its disastrous three-day week was under way. Labour lost the 1979 Election in the aftermath of the even more calamitous Winter of Discontent. I believe Britain’s ruinous green energy policy is now threatening to bring about a comparable and wholly unnecessary energy crisis. –Benny Peiser, Mail on Sunday, 13 October 2013
It is now a little over two weeks since Mr Ed Milliband, Leader of the Labour Party, announced that a future Labour government would freeze power and prices from May 2015 to January 2017. The Labour party suggests that this would cost the supply companies around £4.5bn over the two years. How have investors reacted? As the charts below show, equity investors have done exactly what we would expect i.e. they have been selling the UK sector (all of it not just the supply companies) and switching into Europe. –Peter Atherton and Mulu Sun, Liberum Capital, 11 October 2013
Watching the three party leaders arguing shamelessly over energy bills and climate-change policies is, at points, jaw-dropping. While Cameron mocks Miliband’s proposed energy freeze and points out that in the last Labour government he was the energy secretary who piled extra costs on to consumers, the Tory leader backed Miliband’s green policies at the time and has continued in a similar vein in office. That means that successive governments have been very slow to respond to warnings about Britain’s looming energy crisis. –Iain Martin, The Sunday Telegraph, 13 October 2013
  1. raymond f jones says:

    Could be a con also to help Labour in power by over charging,So labour could guarantee a large cut in prices, till the people have been bought again, then put it back up again when things quiet down

  2. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch.

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