United Nations “minion” sent here to stir up hatred???

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Whatever one wants to say about Canadian Aboriginal issues, we Canadians are certainly quite capable of handling our own affairs instead of having some “outsider from the U.N.” sticking his nose into our business and stirring a pot of trouble we have been dealing with since “settler days”!

Who the hell are the U.N. to involve themselves with a peace loving country like ours when their are so many “shit holes abroad” that should be visited first!

Isn’t the U.N. the organization that has lied for over 30 years about Global Warming? ………….YES!……Isn’t the U.N. pushing Green Energy world-wide which is destroying our way of life?……..YES!…………….Isn’t the U.N. the organization pushing Agenda 21 which is anything but virtual destruction of the Industrialized West?………….YES!

This guy should not be embraced by mainstream media let alone First Nations groups as he is not welcome here! He is just a U.N. “minion”, doing the bidding of a group of useless, bloated and tired old oligarchs who mean nothing in today’s world except to prop up dictators, and severely corrupt Governments that treat their people like animals!

Ignore this guy and tell him HE IS NOT WELCOME HERE!

UN fact-finder in Canada to hear Aboriginal Peoples’ concerns

James Anaya to visit both small rural communities and big cities Oct 06, 2013

James Anaya, special rapporteur for the Human Rights commission of the United Nations, arrived in Canada this weekend.

James Anaya, special rapporteur for the Human Rights commission of the United Nations, arrived in Canada this weekend. (Eraldo Peres/Associated Press)

A United Nations fact-finder is set to take stock of the plight of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.

The UN has dispatched law professor James Anaya to speak to First Nations representatives and government officials as he drafts a report for the world body.

“The idea is to get a first-hand view of the situation of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada by hearing directly from as many as I can,” he said in a telephone interview.

As the UN’s special rapporteur on indigenous rights, Anaya is responsible for promoting laws and policies that support indigenous peoples around the world. He will also look at their living conditions and issue reports and recommendations.

The rapporteur has no binding authority. Rather, he aims to shame governments into action by bringing unacceptable conditions to light.

The federal government will get a chance to respond to Anaya’s findings before a final report is circulated and presented next year to the UN Human Rights Council.

The report will include recommendations for the federal government, First Nations and possibly other groups.

Community visits

The nine-day trip — which begins Monday and ends Oct. 15 — will see Anaya visit both small rural communities and big cities. He will also spend time in Ottawa meeting federal representatives from several government departments and agencies.

One issue bound to come up in his discussions is resource development on First Nations land.

Without talking specifically about Canada, Anaya said companies and governments are starting to realize that major energy projects need the co-operation of First Nations.


  1. Jen says:

    Was or does this UN fool know that a aboriginal group in ONTARIO gave a mp- Liberal Justin Trudeau for a speaking engagement of $75,000 thousand (thereabouts) when that money could have to the innocent aboriginal natives living in shacks.
    Frankly speaking those natives who live in dilapidated conditions are kept in that manner by their chiefs to garner sympathy and get more money from the government.

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