Premier Wynne and ex-Premier McGuinty insults Ontarians with her/his “post-gas plant scandal” apology!

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Premier Wynne’s public statement today is nothing more than a slap in the proverbial face of Ontario tax-payers!

Who does this woman think we are? “Uninformed?………..uneducated?……..stupid?……..gullible?………….forgiving?…………….rich?………………………..”

The fact is we are none of the above! We ARE “informed, educated, smart, realistic, unforgiving and NOT rich”. In fact we are BROKE, BANKRUPT and have been basically “robbed blind” by destructive and corrupt decisions over 10 years plus of this foul gang of thieves!

Just to make matters worse, if that was possible, Even McGuinty “chimed in” with his blatant denial of responsibility for this huge BRIBERY for POWER using OUR $$$:

No gas plant apology from McGuinty

If the majority of Ontarians ever got a chance to personally reply to this public statement I’m sure most would say: “TELL IT TO THE JUDGE!”

Below in all it’s glory is the madness coming from a Government that should be locked up!


Premier’s Statement on the Auditor General’s Report

October 8, 2013

Premier Kathleen Wynne made the following statement today:

“In 2010 and 2011, the government listened to the advice of experts and began to build gas fired power plants on locations in Oakville and Mississauga over the objections of local residents.

Over time, it became evident that the concerns of the residents in those communities were legitimate.

The government listened to those concerns and cancelled those power plants for relocation elsewhere – all parties agreed with those decisions.

Estimates vary, including today’s estimate from the Auditor General, of what this will cost over the next 20 years, but all of them are unacceptably large.

Money is too tight for tax dollars to be spent in any way that is not productive.

As a member of the cabinet under which this happened, I take full responsibility and offer a full apology.

As a new Premier leading a new government, I pledge to you that this will not happen under my watch.

My new government has the energy and idealism that is the enemy of these kinds of errors.

We will introduce new rules, based on the findings of the Auditor General, to make sure this never happens again.

More on that in a moment.

But more importantly, it won’t happen because my government and my cabinet know that our job is to improve opportunity and security for everyone in Ontario and that requires very careful management of money.

Since my first day as Premier, I have been committed to getting all the facts out about the Mississauga and Oakville gas plant relocations.

I ordered full disclosure of documents, re-struck the committee, and on February 7th, I asked the Auditor General to examine the cost of relocating the Oakville gas plant, even though I knew there were potential political consequences in doing so.

We have provided the Justice Committee with more than 160,000 documents and emails related to the gas plants, including 30,000 directly from the Premier’s Office.

The Information and Privacy Commissioner has credited my government for implementing important recordkeeping reforms and staff training.

And the committee has heard from 62 witnesses during more than 93 hours of testimony.

I asked for this report because Ontarians deserve to have a full understanding about the cost to relocate the Oakville facility.

I met with the Auditor General yesterday, I have read the report, and I accept her findings.

I want to thank Ms. Lysyk, her office staff, and former Auditor General Jim McCarter, for their work.

In our meeting, I assured the Auditor General that we are taking action based on her findings.

We all have a responsibility to move forward.

Firstly, we will improve the siting of large energy infrastructure projects by implementing the recommendations of the Ontario Power Authority and the Independent Electricity System Operator. Communities will have a say at the beginning. We need to ensure that we get the siting decisions right the first time.

Secondly, I have asked the Secretary of Cabinet to create new rules limiting political staff involvement in commercial, third-party transactions. Next week, we will release a policy statement so new rules can be put in place as soon as possible.

I believe staff in the former Premier’s Office acted in good faith while the relocation of the Oakville plant was being negotiated. But from this experience there are important lessons to be learned. We are acting on those lessons.

It’s important to note that the new facility in Napanee will help meet Ontario’s electricity needs – the new facility will provide clean, reliable energy to schools, businesses, and thousands of homes.

But above all, I want Ontarians to know that I am focused on job one: the economy.

We have an economic plan to drive jobs and growth.

Our plan has three parts:

Investing in people;

Investing in infrastructure;

And supporting a dynamic and innovative business climate.

Our plan will create jobs and help people in their everyday lives.

We are One Ontario — we are working together to build a successful, vital province where everyone has the opportunity to connect, contribute and achieve their goals.

I want to thank the Auditor General again for her report. We can and will do better.”

  1. mcguintylies says:

    How can our Premier keep on blathering about ” We did the right thing” when they cancelled the Gas plants? They only cancelled them after the citizens brought in Erin Malkovich and also when they knew they would lose crucial seats if they didn’t “Listen to the people. Yet they continue to ignore rural Ontario even though they admit that they have sited projects inappropriately!

    Why did they not listen to the people at the beginning of this debacle befour the papers were signed? I suppose they sprung this on Oakville and Mississauga just like they floored rural Ontario with the Green Energy Act.

    Premier Wynne, DO THE RIGHT THING! Stop the GD destruction and waste in rural Ontario! Call a moratorium on wind turbines NOW!!!

    You are a slippery politician with no conscience. You told me to my face in Ottawa at AMO last August that Germany was slashing subsidies because just like the wind industry promised, they are getting cheaper. That is not true. You are either a liar or you do not read newspapers!

    Andrea, It will be YOU who will be spitting nickels not Hudak and I hope you choke on them. Unless of course you choke on the hind tit you have been sucking on for the past two years. You and your buddy McWynty are a discredit to your sex. You embarrass us. Enjoy the free lunch while you can because you are both toast next spring.

    Yours most sincerely,

    Melodie Burkett

  2. “We can and will do better.”


  3. Tom Blacksmith says:

    She’s a liar. Sue me.

  4. “very careful management of money”. Oh that’s a good one you useless witch. The Libs don’t give a damn about wasting our money and they never have.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why does she not fall on her revenue tool and leave Ontario. How do you make a speech out of a f##### up. This is one sad day when she can stand there and know what part she played in this and yell like she the one who has stopped the corruption. She and the rest of the rats that left the sinking ship need to go to jail. Her party needs to repay this in justice.

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