Need an excuse for a Judicial Inquiry into Gas Plant?………here’s two staffers who should trigger one!

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Say what you will about the politicians who put their pens to paper to screw Ontarians out of over a billion dollars and counting to move two gas plants, but what about the non elected pencil necks who crafted this massive BRIBE for votes in the 2011 election??

Why aren’t the goons behind the bobble heads being held accountable for perjury, perverted and psychotic rhetoric not to mention the false flags created to divert attention away from a massive swindle of tax-payers dollars within the Liberal “stink-tank”?

Two guys who should be questioned once again since the AG’s report was tabled yesterday are highlighted in Tom Adam’s relentless pursuit of insiders actions and the “players” behind the McGuinty/Wynne/Horwath swindle of Ontario Citizen’s tax dollars.

Gas Busters Part 61: Ontario Liberal Version of Truth


It is time for top McGuinty office insiders, Jamison Steeve and Sean Mullin, to be recalled before the Justice Policy Committee again. Today’s Auditor’s report makes its clear that they have some reexplaining to do about what really went on at those meetings with TransCanada Energy.

Auditor’s Report (p. 9 and repeated elsewhere): “By October 2010, TCE had five appeals pending with the Ontario Municipal Board and four outstanding legal proceedings in Ontario divisional court. We understand the Premier’s Office gave TCE assurances at a meeting at this time that if the government cancelled the plant, TCE would be kept whole (that is, the profit stream it was anticipating from the Oakville plant would be preserved).”

Compare that with what Steeve told the Committee under oath:

Mr. Jamison Steeve (under oath): “I can’t speak to that, sir. The only time that “whole” or “close-to-whole” was used was that TransCanada articulated that position to me when I met with them in October. But as far as a decision on the government’s bargaining position, as I say, it’s difficult for me to answer as a result of the fact that I was taken off the file as of April. I believe settlement negotiations concluded sometime this fall—sorry; the fall of 2012.”


Post Script Oct 9 5:40 am

The Toronto Star quotes Premier Wynne making the following comment about political staffers:

“They should not have the authority . . . to bind the government to agreements when there hasn’t been due process.”

Steeve and Mullin both swore under oath that they were not negotiating with TCE, a claim that is Wynne appears to be contradicting. Either they had the authority to make promises/deals/agreements or they did not.

The Auditor determined that the OPA had a legal opinion in hand in early 2010 saying that the OPA had strong contractual rights to get out of the TCE contract without ratepayers getting stung with a severe penalty. Despite this, the Auditor determined that Steeve and Mullin bound ratepayers to a massive give-away:

– See more at:

The Premier’s Office (meaning Steeve and Mullin) assured TCE it would be compensated for the financial value of the contract for the Oakville plant instead of relying on protections in the OPA/TCE contract that could have minimized any damages paid to TCE as a result of cancelling the plant.

Little wonder as to why these people were scorching all the public records they could.


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  2. […] are just trying to get to work of 2.6 billion dollars per year.  This move comes on the heels of a gas plant scandal involving the Liberal Party to the tune of 1 billion dollars on a plant that was never finished and now has to be dismantled. So let me get this right, they rob […]

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