Liberals spend $200,000,000.00 of our dollars for each candidate they ran in 2011 Election!

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

This could be probably the most expensive election ever held in North America to elect a Party that barely made it back into power after 8 years plus of disasters and scandals.


In order for this total LOSER PARTY to exist after that election in a minority position they had to enlist the aid of our other LOSER PARTY the NDP for assistance!

Of course this LOSER PARTY only has 18 seats in Queen’s Park so I assume anything that would allow them to be “front page news” even if it “added to the misery of the electorate” would be enough of an excuse to join in with the LOSERS all the way to the bottom of the barrel called Ontario politics!

Tom Adams a very long time ago forecasted correctly that this mess would cost us over a billion dollars, yet no mainstream media wanted to pick up on that realistic calculation!

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can be said that is positive about either of these two LOSERS except that as each day closes we are one day closer to kicking their collective sorry arses out of the Pink Building!

“Chiarelli below thinks to himself “how the hell do I polish THIS turd?”

Gas plant report shreds Liberals

OCTOBER 08, 2013


Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, left, and Premier Kathleen Wynne answer questions at Queen’s Park after Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk’s damning Oct. 8 report on the cost of cancelling the Oakville gas plant. DAVE ABEL/TORONTO SUN

It would be hard to imagine a report more damaging to the credibility of Ontario’s Liberal government than the one released Tuesday by Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk on its decision to cancel the Oakville gas plant.

First under former premier Dalton McGuinty, and later, under Premier Kathleen Wynne, the Liberals estimated the cost of cancelling this plant was $40 million.

Lysyk found it will cost up to $1.112 billion, with the most likely final figure being $815 million, after future savings and cost add-ons are factored in.

Even more devastating to Liberal credibility, Lysyk found that despite McGuinty’s insistence he had no idea of the costs of cancelling the Oakville plant, his office was directly responsible for decisions that dramatically increased those costs.

“On cancelling the Oakville plant, the Premier’s Office assured TCE (TransCanada Energy Ltd.) that it would be compensated for the full financial value of its contract for the Oakville plant,” Lysyk found, “instead of relying on protections in that contract that could have minimized the damages paid to the builder following cancellation.”

In other words, the Liberals were so desperate to cancel the politically unpopular Oakville plant leading up to the 2011 election, they wasted hundreds of millions of public dollars in order to do so.


  1. Tom Adams comments on CBC Ontario Today, Wednesday October 9, 2013 re “AG says cancelled gas plants cost $1B”:
    Hear his comments ~25:40 > 27:21, 38:55 > 40:31, 42:45 > 45:20 and again 49:06 > 50:25

  2. With this now having proven a winning strategy for ensuring the right people benefit, let’s all do it again – but this time have that contract needing later alteration powered by the PC’s?!

    Does anybody really think Northland Power would more graciously insist on accepting less profit, from any contract re-negotiation of benefit to the right political careers of any stripe, on behalf of Ontario’s consumers?

    What if PE-H MPP Todd Smith [PC] does manage to land that dream contract “to be capable of running” on behalf of Northland Power (who obviously knew they couldn’t score it on their own?) – by doggedly flogging their senseless “pumped storage” proposal to decision-makers with more knowledge-based sense…

    At least Smith has done himself a small favour by not trying to pass off their proposed industrial development as if equivalent to a “renewable energy project” in 2013:
    Tabled April 29, 2013:
    Question No. 81: Enquiry of the Ministry — Would the Minister of Energy explain why his Ministry has delayed in arriving at a contract to produce power for the proposed Marmora Pumped Storage project.

    Tabled February 21, 2012:
    106. Mr. Smith — Enquiry of the Ministry — Would the Minister of Energy explain why his Ministry has delayed in arriving at a FIT contract for the proposed Marmora Pumped Storage project.

    How many local people will grant Smith all credit due, as reflected by their votes next election (beyond those of local councillors and recruited local sales assistants) – for persistently prioritizing the interests of Northland Power and the current local council, while ignoring well-informed local objectors and theirs?

    Perhaps more importantly, will getting that last question answered require another contract re-negotiation like the ones the PC’s are tut-tutting over while they’re powering a potentially similar one in-the-making, in Marmora?

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