Toronto Hydro needs a “house cleaning” by Toronto City Council!

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Toronto Hydro has been in the news lately due to false claims by it’s CEO about his credentials he used to obtain his position and as yet NO action has been taken to rectify that misrepresentation by a senior executive, namely Anthony Haines President and CEO.

If this was the private sector, this man would have been “turfed” and would be out looking for a new job by now. But wait!

This isn’t the private sector. It’s a consumer funded operation that should be accountable and open to public review.

At least that the way things should work, but this “entitled” Government in Ontario and their satellite agencies don’t run things that way.

Of course Toronto Hydro doesn’t want to answer to the Ontario electrical consumers but it sure does have to answer to Toronto City Council for it’s performance and code of conduct!

That’s the job Toronto City Hall has in front of it. Handle this mess now!

Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 94: Disinfect Toronto Hydro

Upcoming agenda item EX34.9 at the October 8th meeting of Toronto City Council provides council with another opportunity to face the music and clean up Toronto Hydro. The utility has been disgraced by CEO Anthony Haines falsifying his credentials and swearing false oaths. Deepening this disgrace are the actions of chair of the utility’s board, David Williams, responsible for maintaining Mr. Haines in the chief executive position.


During May 2013, the press picked up on Toronto Hydro’s CEO Anthony Haines falsely testimony about his credentials. At its June meeting, Council deferred a routine Toronto Hydro item (EX32.9), instead requesting that the City Manager work with Toronto Hydro’s chair to investigate “recent media reports related to personnel matters.”

Starting at Part 68 of this series, I documented many instances of false CVs produced by Mr. Haines in Ontario Energy Board filings. The evidence also included official transcripts of Mr. Haines swearing false oaths and a statement from the Registrar of Lethbridge University indicating that Mr. Haines never earned the degree he claimed.

At the July Council meeting, several decisions were taken on Toronto Hydro, including passing a confidential motion on personnel matters requiring a response from Toronto Hydro by the October meeting and also a motion requesting Toronto Hydro “to consider adopting ‘Whistle Blower Protection Policies’”. Toronto Hydro chair, David Williams has provided council with a confidential letter dated August 23, 2013 regarding personnel matters and also a report dated August 15, 2013 claiming the utility’s existing Code of Conduct satisfies all Whistle Blower Protection needs.

Toronto Hydro Chair Williams Defends Haines’ Disgraces

Mr. Williams has defended Mr. Haines every step of the way as the evidence has piled up proving that Mr. Haines has been lying under oath for decades.

My initial investigations identified perjury by Mr. Haines in testimony to the OEB. When the mainstream media started reporting on the evidence, the first statement Mr. Williams issued was to radio station CFRB1010 on May 14, 2013:

“The Company has complete confidence in Mr. Haines and is confident that he has not misrepresented his credentials to the company, the Ontario Energy Board or anyone else. Toronto Hydro and Mr. Haines are considering all available legal avenues.”

Mr. Williams claimed to have personally conducted a comprehensive investigation of the Haines CVs. On May 15, Mr. Williams stated live on CFRB1010 during an interview with John Tory:

“When it came to our attention, it was my responsibility to take up with our own Human Resource department to make sure of the facts in this case.”

Mr. Williams has attempted to minimize the evidence against Mr. Haines by calling it a “formatting problem”. Mr. Williams attempted to further minimize the disgrace by claiming it only occurred in one filing. In his letter of May 16, 2013 to Toronto Hydro employees, Mr. Williams dismissed evidence of Mr. Haines alleged perjury by suggesting:

“The subject of the media attention is a formatting problem with regards to a regulatory filing.”

On September 13, 2013, presented with new evidence confirming previous evidence about Mr. Haines, Mr. Williams issued a statement to the Toronto Star claiming a “rigorous review” had been conducted:

“I regret that this continues to be an issue despite a rigorous review by the Board and the fact that Mr. Haines has apologized to the Board and City Council for any concerns that this matter has caused.”

Which individual directors support this statement?



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