Ontario School system advocates “racing to the bottom” as their mantra for 2030!!!

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you have a child born this year here is the vision of the future for your newborn when they graduate or “leave” High School in 2030.

These “brilliant (NOT)” ideas are being brought to you by a so-called “think tank of scholars and education experts” this week in Waterloo and is being supported with YOUR tax dollars, so of course it must be true!

Here’s the vision……………..don’t separate students into “grades” or even force them to be “examined” throughout their “higher education” years so they don’t feel pressured with REAL LIFE trials and tribulations.

After all, with all the tech gadgets and computers able to do the work of critical thinking today, why burden young minds with mundane trivialities like adding, subtracting and spelling?

The future it seems will allow these unfettered graduates to build homes, repair vehicles, order materials, count money, or any other real life task without even having a basic knowledge of why all the pieces of the life puzzle is coming together without any “hard-wired thinking process”…………because technology will do all that “stuff” for you.

UNLESS, the power goes down and your left with a blank screen…………..and a blank stare!

High Schools Should Get Rid of Grades, ExamsSummit

WATERLOO, Ontario, October 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

Lose the grades, lose the exams, and don’t worry if all the kids in a class are not the same age. That’s what a gathering of international education leaders is recommending in a dramatic new learning roadmap released today.

The sweeping recommendations of the Equinox Summit: Learning 2030 (a product of the Waterloo Global Science Initiative) also propose eliminating grades 9 through 12 in favour of groupings of students based on ability and area of study.

“We assume 30 students in the same grade, one teacher and four walls is ideal. But what would happen if we threw out that model?” says summit participant Greg Butler, founder of Collaborative Impact and former head of global education for Microsoft.

“The current model of grade levels and ages is flawed. We need to progress students through high school, not by their ages, but by the stages they’re at.”

The Learning 2030 Communiqué contains summit participants’ detailed recommendations on areas ranging from the use of new technologies in the classroom and methods of increasing student engagement, to teacher training and benefits of local school autonomy.

“Ideas like this are already successfully happening in innovative individual schools around the world,” says summit participant Jennifer Groff, a graduate researcher at MIT and vice president of learning & program development with the Learning Games Network. “We’ve tinkered and tweaked for decades and we have the same system. If you want different outcomes, you have to rethink all of the parts of the system and redesign them together.”

Learning 2030’s 33 summit participants represent nearly a dozen countries, including the UK, Australia, Singapore, Finland, Qatar, several African nations, the U.S., and Canada.



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  2. helen busch says:

    You don’t need an education to be a slave of Islam and world government.

  3. 1957chev says:

    Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    We are going to have to make sure our kids learn all they need to know. The school will not be doing it.

  4. 1957chev says:

    It sure fits in with the dumbing down of the population, as in Agenda 21. They will not be capable of thinking or doing for themselves, and will be at the mercy of the “system”. Teach your kids all of the basics, because the government will not. They don’t even teach them to tell time on a dial clock, or write in script. I guess they won’t need to sign cheques, or tell the time on a Rolex.

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