We now have a “rogue Government” in power with no penalties for tax payer abuse!

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another month…another monstrous tax payer RIP-OFF!!!!

The Pan Am Games 2015 is the latest Liberal Scandal. Over the past ten years Ontarians have been literally robbed of billions upon billions of hard earned dollars by the same old same old gang!

The same names keep cropping up when financial audits are completed with any and all Liberal schemes and fake organizations that are all covered over with a glossy veneer to appear legitimate but when exposed, show themselves as nothing but another huge trough for the proverbial PIGS to fill their bellies with hard earned tax dollars!

No repercussions, no penalties and no accountability. Look at ORNGE…..how many years has the OPP been inside that nest of parasites?

Look at the Gas plant scandal…………….getting up to a billion dollars and counting to ensure 4 Liberal Seats in Government??

And on and on………………Here’s a great idea……now that the Kingston Pen has been emptied of hard working real criminals, lets start filling it up with crooked politicians. Too inhumane for criminal types, but possibly fitting for what we have now working us over like rented mules ……..POLITICIANS and their BACK ROOM BUDDIES!

Pan Am internal compliance audit proof heads should roll

Sue-Ann LevyBY  ,TORONTO SUN OCTOBER 04, 2013

Pan Am trio

Pan Am Games CEO Ian Troop, Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Michael Chan and Premier Kathleen Wynne. (Sun files)

TORONTO – The Pan Am 2015 brass regularly expensed what should have been hospitality dinners with each other and unnamed guests and called them business meals, says an internal compliance audit obtained by the Toronto Sun.

Had these meals been properly designated as hospitality dinners, pre-approval to host them would have been required as set out in the provincial expense rules, says the 21-page audit done in July 2012 by the Ontario finance ministry.

That pre-approval was not obtained.

The audit — delivered to TO2015 CEO Ian Troop, CFO Barb Anderson, members of the Pan Am Games Audit Committee and the brass of the Pan Am Games Secretariat exactly one year ago — also shows that the senior executive team regularly claimed business meals without properly documenting who was dining and the reason for the meal.

According to the audit, expense claims for meals, taxis and parking were submitted without receipts or approvals but paid — even though the claimant did not submit a “written explanation” as to why the back-up was missing and the approver did not document why the expense was paid.

The audit also highlighted that all travel was approved “verbally” instead of properly documenting approvals in written form for future verification.

While the audit report did not find “serious” examples of non-compliance with the Ontario rules, there were “several” examples where TO2015’s expenses approval and reimbursement process did not comply with the practices mandated in the Ontario expense rules.

The Toronto Sun reported earlier this week that the non-compliance started as early as February 2010 continued through until May of this year — months after those involved had become aware of the auditors’ findings.

The audit report, along with a stack of expense documents for the Pan Am top brass, turned up at Queen’s Park late Friday afternoon after members of the estimates committee voted Wednesday not to proceed with questioning Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Michael Chan on the TO2015 expenses until they had the audit in their hands.

Chan repeatedly claimed in the committee and during question period this past week that he only got word of these expense abuses three weeks ago when documents were delivered to the Toronto Sun in response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

PC MPP and Pan Am critic Rod Jackson said the audit was dated a year ago and for the government to say they just learned of the expense abuses is “absolute hogwash.”

“If they didn’t know this stuff was going on in 2012, they should have and if they did, they failed to act on it,” Jackson said. “We have a minister who is either not paying attention with what’s going on or doesn’t care … that’s the most disturbing.”

Jackson believes both Chan and Troop should be held accountable — even to the point of stepping down.

“Michael Chan and Ian Troop should think honestly whether they are the right guys to be doing these jobs,” he said.

If they aren’t paying attention to the small stuff, surely the “big stuff isn’t under control,” he added.

As revealed last Sunday, no expense was too big or too small for the Pan Am team — all of whom were earning more than $200,000 a year and up to $477,259 in the case of Troop.



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