Old tired politicians never get tired of “stiffing” the public out of their money!

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Do the old boys club at Queen’s Park have something in common with each other after being thrown into the dust bin of history after their kick at the can full of tax payers dollars?…………….

They all seem to weasel back into the tax payers pocket books by heading up organizations that present Governments dream up to keep them sucking at the public trough!

Take the Pan Am Games upcoming in 2015. Who’s heading this potential scandal-plagued gaggle of gerbils? Ex Premier David Peterson, who just recently in his arrogant way stated all the spending was appropriate and that he knew “what journalists like to do.” when asked about the expenses being declared by various boneheads involved in “organizing” these “games”.

Typical elitist’s attitudes when they have tasted the honey from the tax-payers cup and learned to love it……ad infinitum!

There should be a Law that once you’ve completed screwing Ontario Citizens out of their hard earned money while living the high life inside the pink building that you should never be able to come within 500 feet of another tax dollar ever again!

Pan Am spending absurd, outrageous

October 2nd, 2013

EDITORIAL - Pan Am spending absurd, outrageous



Of course now that the cat’s out of the bag about the absurd and often outrageous expense claims filed by the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games executives, everyone’s running for cover.

Before Toronto Sun Queen’s Park columnist Sue-Ann Levy broke the story, Pan Am Games chair David Peterson arrogantly told her all the spending was appropriate and that he knew “what journalists like to do.”

After the story broke, with everyone from Mayor Rob Ford, to Premier Kathleen Wynne, to Tourism Minister Michael Chan, to Tory MPP Rod Jackson, freaking out to various degrees, suddenly everyone from Peterson to Pan Am Games CEO Ian Troop – who engaged in some controversial spending himself – is promising to do better.

Right. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt.

Initially, the Pan Am committee said through its spokesperson – since its executives apparently can’t defend their expense claims on their own – that all expenses were permitted under its policies.

So what? If committee policies allowed its executives to buy each other dinners and charge it to the public both at home and abroad, to travel to the same exotic locales up to half a dozen times and to nickel and dime taxpayers for tea and bottled water, while pulling in huge salaries, then there’s something wrong with the policies.

Who cares if these expenses were approved within the Pan Am committee’s bureaucracy? Apparently, everyone there bought into the culture of entitlement that made them think these claims were appropriate in the first place.




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