How can Kathleen Wynne even hold her head up in public, let alone run for re-election???

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Dalton’s fill-in, Kathleen Wynne is so deep and responsible for the continuing out and out robbery of citizens money in Ontario it literally begs belief that she even has the nerve to show her face outside the guarded walls of Queen’s Park to address the citizenry of this once great Province.

McGuinty’s and Wynne’s legacy will live in infamy as probably the most corrupt and biggest lying Government ever to run (ruin) this Province.

Of course “denial” is one way to avoid having a conscience and moral argument with one’s self, when the nagging reality of one’s actions is as bad as the ten year “rape of Ontario” by these miscreants!

Ontario’s stolen decade: Looking back on 10 years of Liberal rule 


BY  ,QMI AGENCY            TUESDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2013
Liberal Leadership Convention

Kathleen Wynne with Dalton McGuinty after being announced the next premier of Ontario on the third ballot at the Liberal Leadership convention in Toronto on Saturday, January 26, 2013. (Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun)

TORONTO – My how time flies when your government is breaking promises, hiking taxes and squandering your tax bucks.Can it really be a decade since the 2003 election swept Dalton McGuinty and 71 other Liberals to power?

Three Tories held a news conference Tuesday to lament the “lost decade.”

Frankly, when you look at the gas plant scandal, the Ornge boondoggle and the $1 billion poured into the pockets of Liberal friendly consultants at eHealth, I don’t think it’s so much a lost decade as a stolen one.

It got me thinking about the Liberals’ 2003 fantasy election platform.

Most of their promises could have been written on the back of a napkin.

It was only after the election we discovered the civil service pegged the price tag on McGuinty’s 200-plus promises at a whopping $18 billion. The platform also assumed a $900-million asset sale in the first year.

Most of the promises were laughable. Others were ridiculous. Most were broken — or forgotten — soon after they came to power.

McGuinty’s biggest fib was when he looked into the camera during that election campaign and told us our taxes wouldn’t go up “one cent” under a Liberal government.

The following year, without blushing, he and finance minister Greg Sorbara introduced the hated health-care levy that dinged most families $1,000 a year and raised around $2 billion for provincial coffers.

What were the other pledges? Well, they said they’d shut down coal-fired electricity generating plants by 2007.

They delayed it to the end of 2009. The last two should shut by the end of this year.

• “We will balance the budget.”

No, seriously. Stop laughing. That’s what they said.

In fact, they increased spending from $80 billion to $128 billion and doubled the debt to $273 billion.

They’ve had credit watches and credit warnings from rating agencies.

Our annual deficit is sitting at $11.7 billion — almost twice what it was when the Liberals took over.

• “We will fund medically necessary health-care services.”

Then they delisted eye exams, physiotherapy and chiropractic.

• “We will cap hydro rates at 4.3 cents a kilowatt hour until 2006.

In fact, in May of 2006, the price of electricity was 6.7 cents a kWh.

In 2010, Dwight Duncan announced electricity prices for homeowners would skyrocket 46% over the next five years. That’s before you take into account the cost of scrapping two gas plants.

That didn’t include the 10% rebate the Liberals borrowed another $1 billion to give us.

• “We will cap tolls on Hwy 407.”

The peak rate for cars was 12.95 cents a kilometre in 2003.

This year it’s more than double that — 26.2 cents a km.

• “We will stop school closings.”

Rural Ontario has been devastated by school closures.


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  2. 1957chev says:

    Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    No respect….the Liberals deserve, NO respect!!!

  3. 1957chev says:

    I wouldn’t trust the Liberals to look after a junk-yard dog. They are inept, corrupt, irresponsible, and not fit for “running” anything, let alone our province.

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