Ex-Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, spouts “nonsense of Climate Change from the U.N.”!

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Talk about being in denial and totally “out of step with Climate Reality”!

David Miller, the green ex-Mayor of Toronto who is on the board of the Suzuki Foundation has embraced the Climate Change BS paper from the IPCC and like David Suzuki, spouts off that Canada should rise up and meet the Climate Change Challenge!

So what in Heaven’s name is this “challenge”? Is it a buzz word for being stupid, uninformed, gullible, insane or just being a plain old fashioned “eco-zealot” who will never read a true scientific journal in case it ruins the “Gaia induced brainwashed stupidity” that humans are evil and by exhaling poisonous C02 is heating the planet!

And this guy once tried to run a City?

“Crazy is as Crazy does” definitely applies here!!!

Canada Must Step Up and Rise to the World’s Climate Challenge

David R. Miller David Miller 09/27/2013

Friday, 800 scientists from around the world stood up and told us that humans are the driving force behind dangerous climate change and that the impacts will be pervasive and severe. They did it in the form of the most robust and authoritative report on climate change to date, released this morning in Sweden.

As Josh Laughren, WWF’s director of climate and energy, wrote yesterday — this is a message that all of us need to take seriously. The threat is clear, the timing urgent.

While energy from coal, oil and gas, has literally fuelled enormous industrial and economic gains over the last century, we now realize that our unconstrained burning of fossil fuels is putting these very gains and the quality of life on earth at risk. Thankfully, while the threat is more apparent than ever, so are the solutions. Broadly, we need to change the way we produce and use energy.

Canada can lead this charge and drive the change our planet needs in the 21st Century. However, if our nation is to rise to the climate challenge, we must quickly get on a different path. The first hurdle is to immediately address how far we are from meeting the federal government’s 2020 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

According to Environment Canada’s own figures, Canada is on pace to reach only half of that goal by 2020, meaning we will be off by 113-million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. That’s more than the total emissions from our electricity sector, more than all emissions from every single passenger vehicle in Canada. Bridging that gap is no small feat. But we must, and more to the point, we can.

WWF and many others have proposed this best be addressed through a National Energy Strategy, developed by cities and provinces in partnership with our federal government. To put Canada on a path for climate and energy security, this strategy will need to directly address five priorities:

1. Reassessing the projected growth of Canada’s oil and gas sector in the context of established climate targets. It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which oil sands production can double in less than a decade (as currently projected) while Canada still meets the 2020 targets. Further, proposed fossil fuel infrastructure, like pipelines, is designed to last many decades, which commits us to a high-carbon economy. The long-term economic risk, as well as the ecological risk, of today’s fossil fuel investments must be carefully considered before we advance further on the current path.



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