Is Ontario’s “Feed In Tariff” program DEAD?…it is in Germany……..why not here?

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Renewable Energy advocates have been using Germany as the poster boy for  Ontario’s Feed in Tariff insanity for so long that now it is engrained in every presentation being made by Green Energy Fraudsters and advocates that try to continue this Province destroying agenda!

NOW Germany has opened it’s collective eyes to the reality that their “Feed In Act” (adopted in Ontario by George Smitherman and Dalton McGuinty back in 2009 without debate) is a DISASTER!

When will Ontario admit what they have done is WRONG?

German Media Now Sharply Attacking Once Beloved Green Energy Feed-In Act…”Completely Out Of Control”

By P Gosselin on 15. September 2013

Not long ago, all of Germany’s political parties and media, whether socialist, green, liberal or conservative, embraced and voted into law the green energy feed-in act (EEG). The few remaining outspoken opponents were marginalized as political Neanderthals and climate deniers.

Now fast-forward 5 years to today. My oh my how perceptions have changed. As the costs and the technical folly become more apparent, major back-pedaling is beginning. Once the darling of the media, Germany’s renewable energy feed-in act (EEG) is now coming under heavy fire. Energy prices have been skyrocketing, and CO2 emissions aren’t going down by any measure.

The latest to fire harsh criticism is leading political daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) in an online piece titled: Too much is too much. The introduction:

The transition to renewable energy is becoming a giant re-distribution machine. The subsidy is careening out of control. There’s far more green energy than planned. The price for emission certificates are plunging. Coal is experiencing a Renaissance. And the world is emitting more CO2 than ever.”

Granted the FAZ still is in favor or green energies, but not like this. The FAZ calls the current implementation of Germany’s green energy feed-in act a “giant redistribution machine” that is “dividing the nation“, where a “majority now fear further rising energy costs“. The surcharge for green energy will soon rise to 7 cents per kilowatt-hour, almost “double what power is traded for on the power commodity exchanges“. Consumers are now paying 30 euro-cents ($0.38) per kilowatt-hour.

The FAZ adds that the green energy subsidy “has completely gone out of control“.  Worse, the lobby of those who have benefitted massively from these subsidies has turned into a behemoth that no politician dares to challenge. The German green energy feed-in act does not only impact the German power market, but “grotesquely distorts” the European power market, writes the FAZ.

And because green energies have been massively subsidized to the detriment of other power sources, other subsidies have to enacted to counter the market distortions. The result: more subsidies for power companies to keep reserve plants on stand-by, or to pay wind park operators to shut down when there’s too much power being fed in. The green energy revolution has turned into a subsidy bonanza where investors have no risks.


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