To make a good “Con-Job” (smart grid) work, one needs a good “front-man” to sell the “grift”?

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When the Ontario Government needed a good “front-man” for their failed experiment in pilfering valuable hard earned dollars out of electrical consumers pockets with their Smart (Stupid) Meters agenda they may have come up with a perfect “green patsy” that would supply the psycho babble that goes along with a good “Grift”!

It appears Tyler Hamilton is that very man. He wrote “environmental” columns for the Toronto Star and spouted Green Propaganda in his blog for years during and after the Green Energy Act that was rammed down Ontario Citizens throats without any democratic consideration in May of 2009.

This Act has been described as the most anti-Democratic Bill ever introduced through the Ontario Legislature and to make sure this foul fecal piece of garbage was “prettied up” to represent a somewhat “reasonable” Law the Government reached out for someone to dress this turd up into a green burrito.

The following exposes the inside shenanigans of how our Government, who considers US a bunch of “loogans” went ahead and set their con-job” into motion!

Note to anyone who doesn’t like this type of expose:  Do you really think Ontario Electrical Consumers are that stupid that one day they wouldn’t turn on the perpetrators of one of the biggest and most expensive con-job” ever pulled on them????

Corrupt Electricity Reporting Part 4: Additional Tyler Hamilton Chronology

How is it that Tyler Hamilton, Canada’s leading green energy science fiction writer, became the Ontario government’s stealth PR agent for their so-called “Smart Grid” spending spree? As discovered in the Gas Busters emails, originally presented in Part 59 of the Gas Busters series and also in this Corrupt Electricity Reporting series, top government’s communications experts — the OPA’s Ben Chin and the Energy Minister’s Alicia Johnston — were hard at it midnight on November 23, 2010 working up their plan to get Hamilton “engaged for central”. Their email explains that they were seeking to counter negative comments from Parker Gallant and myself about the government’s energy policies, but why midnight? What was keeping them up so late that night?

What follows here are additional notes on the chronology of events leading up to the November 23rd emails. This posting is intended as a supplement to other chronology notes included in Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 of this series.

The November 23rd email exchange is understandably incomplete. What pieces we have only came to light because the exchange included a reference to the Oakville gas plant cancellation that had been announced the previous month.

Published October 7, 2010, Hamilton’s column “Smart meters are here. Get over it” in the Toronto Star lauded the government’s smart metering program, promoted IBM, and argued that consumers should embrace higher power rates. The column would have been a note perfect audition for further governmental Smart Grid PR work. Less than 3 weeks later, Hamilton received advanced notice to bid on IESO Smart Grid PR work (the IESO reports that advance notice is a routine practice for preferred contractors). IBM was a corporate sponsor of the IESO work and also a major beneficiary of Ontario government largess related to Smart Grid and also a contractor to many Ontario utilities now spending billions borrowed against ratepayer credit on projects branded as Smart Grid.

It appears that at least some of Energy Minister Duguid’s top communication official Alicia Johnston’s concerns, set out in Part 2, about my comments hostile to the government may have been focused on the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit.

In this post November 11, I broke the story of an upcoming electricity rebate scheme. (Almost 6 days later, the Toronto Star wrote its first article about the story and later claimed to have broken the story.)

On November 18, 2010, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan introduced his 2010 Fall Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review. A key element of his Fall Economic Statement was the introduction of the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit.

Here is how he presented the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit that day in the Legislature:

People want clean air and reliable electricity and they are also looking for a bit of help paying some of this additional cost until prices stabilize.
That’s why today we are introducing the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit.
The Ontario Clean Energy Benefit would give Ontario families, farms and small businesses a 10 per cent benefit on their bills for five years.
That would be 10 per cent off your electricity bill every month, effective January 1, 2011.
This would help families, it would help hard-working small business owners, and it would make a difference for Ontario’s farms.
The McGuinty government is doing this to help those who are feeling the pinch from the rising cost of living and, especially, rising electricity prices.
Every little bit helps during lean times.





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