Wynne and Horwath won’t admit it, but the “Rural Backlash against their anti-democratic rule has begun”!!!

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Rural Ontarians take a long time to change their views on anything. Rural Ontarians aren’t the type of people to jump when told to or listen to authority figures who “order” them to “comply or else”.

In other words, Rural Ontarians are more likely to respond to change when Natural occurrences force them to, like an Ice Storm, a Flood, a Drought or a Forest Fire. In other words Rural Ontarians are more connected to the “Natural World” than to a pompous bunch of stuffed suits sitting in a tax payer financed leather chair inside a Pink building in the heart of a traffic clogged urban centre!

Generation after generation of “THE true Stewards” of the Land don’t rise up and confront anything resembling “authority figures” who are brain-washed and trained to enforce an unrealistic and imaginary world of Green Dreams that have no substance except to rip people off for their hard earned money!


Pushed to the limits of toleration and witnessing a daily expose of scandal after scandal all the while their towns are being basically dismantled, industrialized and priced out of existence, Rural Ontario Municipalities are now organizing and have created an alternate Organization that speaks on behalf of their residents and not the upper tier Governments!

The Rural Revolution has begun!

Hear that Horwath and Wynne? You’ve taken US too far down the Green Brick Road!

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Communities opposed to wind form network


Posted on 08/22/2013 by 

In-Unity-Is-StrengthUNWILLING HOSTS: Group plans to lobby province for better rules

By Chip Martin, London Free Press

With 64 municipalities and growing, Ontario’s Unwilling Host movement, opposed to industrial wind turbines, took its first step this week toward organizing into a coalition.

During the annual meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario in Ottawa, about 60 delegates agreed to create a network to swap information, said organizer Kevin Marriott, mayor of Enniskillen, in Lambton County.

“There is a real willingness from everybody to form some group to go forward,” Marriott said.  “It’s going to be a step-by-step process,” he said.  Logistical problems exist in gathering municipal representatives from across the province on an ongoing basis, he conceded, so some options will be considered.

The movement is in response to a promise from Premier Kathleen Wynne that, from now on, wind turbines will be located in municipalities that are willing hosts. She acknowledged the province has failed to take local concerns into account by overriding local planning in the push for more wind power. Read article


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