Liberal Government is “Rotten to the Core”!

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Strong enough?

Citizens of Ontario are being faced daily now with more revelations about why they are broke, why their lives are literally being ruined by massive Hydro Bills, unwanted Wind Development, Health issues arising from these anti-democratic agendas and policies that this Liberal Government are clinging too against all odds in order to milk the last dollar from our pockets!

In other words this Government has basically rotted from the inside out and now every single department and agency connected with this sad bevy of Grifters is also tainted with a rotten odour of corruption and scandalous behaviour!

When Officers of the Legislature state the same thing then we are living under the rule of a an illegal Government that should not be able to pass any more legislation until a General Election has been called or they are JAILED and replaced!

Libs have become renegades in power

AUGUST 22, 2013


Kathleen Wynne is congratulated by outgoing premier Dalton McGuinty after winning the leadership bid on January 26, 2013. MARK BLINCH/REUTERS FILES

t’s not every day an officer of the Ontario Legislature describes members of the governing party as renegades in power.

But that’s just another day at the office for Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, considering the actions of the Liberal government in the $585-million (so far) cancelled gas plants scandal.

Cavoukian, who originally accused former premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government of illegally deleting e-mails related to the cancellations, has now accused Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government of misleading her about the retrievability of those e-mails.

In other words, she’s accusing the Liberals of first trying to cover up the gas plant scandal and then stonewalling her when she tried to get to the bottom of what happened.

Meanwhile, a growing list of Liberal strategists continue to appear before the legislative inquiry into the gas plants scandal, laughably insisting they didn’t actually mean what they said in all those now-recovered e-mails, showing them plotting to deny the opposition parties information to which they were entitled and to deny taxpayers information they literally owned.

Information about how the Liberals spent at least $585 million to save five Liberal seats in the 2011 election, where local voters were furious about having two gas plants imposed on them.

That part of the Liberal strategy worked — meaning it cost the public at least $117 million per Liberal seat saved.


Gas Busters Part 57: Rot in Ontario’s Public Service

Posted by Tom on 21 August 2013, 11:15 pm

The gas scandal inquiry at Queen’s Park has called forth a long parade of Liberal politicians and political staffers claiming that they had angelic intentions in covering up the gas scandal documents ordered released by the Speaker of the Legislature. Complying with the Speaker’s order would have exposed the Ontario public to extra costs, sings this choir. Reaching for a box of Liberal Kleenex, witness after witness has wept over the torment heaped so unfairly by the callus Opposition on former Energy Minister Chris Bentley. Yes he was ordered to disclose but (sniff, sob) this “most honourable man” any Liberal knows fought valiantly until the end to shield ratepayers from harm.

This maudlin story has a credibility problem. With every element of their electricity policy — most egregiously with their Green Energy Act — the Liberals have demonstrated careless disregard for public expense both now and in the future.

Some of the careless costs induced by government policy are covered up by silly little financial fig leaves. One example is the “Ontario Clean Energy Benefit” which transfers 10% of the household power bill from current consumers to the provincial deficit where it will be paid by future generations. Another cost concealment fig leaf is the temporary cost recovery suppression imposed on the Crown-owned utility Ontario Power Generation. OPG is likely to require sharp revenue increases in the near future to meet its growing obligations. Even without correcting for these financial shams, Ontario will soon have the highest power rates in North America. Prudent policies over the last 10 years would have left Ontario’s all-in rates around the continental average.

The constancy of the Ontario Liberal message — the document cover-up was justified, even required, to protect ratepayers and taxpayers — demonstrates the power of disciplined message management. The intense training and coaching behind this political theatre is so well done that the beautifully synchronized intonation and phrasing of these constantly repeated talking points appears almost natural.

That politicians and their appointees have lied about their intentions in covering up their bad behaviour is bad but sadly neither unexpected nor without precedent. A time out on the Opposition benches will restore Liberal concern for transparency and honesty.

What is unexpected and ugly on a different level is what Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has uncovered.

Cavoukian’s report issued yesterday, “Addendum to Deleting Accountability: Records Management Practices of Political Staff”, presents sweeping evidence that key elements of the Ontario Public Service acted as appendages of the government of the day, not as servants of the people of Ontario.

In her latest report, Cavoukian concludes in part:

I am left with the inescapable conclusion that (the Ministry of Government Services) did not take my investigation very seriously. For example, MGS staff did not inform my office about the following essential pieces of information: (1) the existence and the application of the Symantec Enterprise Vault as part of the OPS Enterprise Email
System; (2) the existence of approximately 30,000 undeleted or “orphaned” vault accounts; (3) the existence of an inventory of approximately 3,000 back-up tapes; and (4) Iron Mountain’s involvement with the back-up tapes.

The provision of inaccurate and incomplete information in my initial investigation is unprecedented during my tenure as Commissioner. As a direct consequence of MGS’ incomplete response, the public has been misled as to the nature of the OPS Enterprise Email System and the ability of MGS staff to retrieve potentially relevant information. We now know that relevant email records were indeed retrievable through these systems.



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