Kathleen Wynne hands over “anti-Democratic rule” to a Non Governmental Organization!!!!

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

It doesn’t get clearer than this that the Ontario Government has basically handed over control of Energy Policy to a non elected, not wanted, actually hated, group of Green schemers called Ontario Sustainable Energy Association run by Kris Stevens which was originally the Green Energy Act Alliance that stumped around the Province, trying to sell this piece of Dictatorial garbage before the Green Energy Act became law under George Smitherman.

NOW Wynne is finding herself under the scrutiny of 2/3 of the Municipalities that are slated for or have been invaded by the Wind Turbine fraudsters and she needs “help” to keep the message fluid and alive that Wind is Good, Wind is Clean and Wind is needed, even though we all now know this is just BULLSHIT!

Who better to represent this “Green wet Dream” than Kris Stevens who is living in a “York University created world of green fairy tales” that have nothing to do with REALITY!

So now PEOPLE OF ONTARIO, we know what the “death throes of a failed policy like the Green Energy Act” looks like!

Windmill opponents demand province give power to municipalities


Windmill opponents demand province give power to municipalities

Sixty-two Ontario communities have declared themselves ‘unwilling hosts’ to provincially approved industrial wind-power projects. They are demanding that Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government allow municipal governments to choose whether and where to put them.

Photograph by: Peter J. Thompson , National Post

OTTAWA — A coalition of 62 communities in Ontario have declared themselves “unwilling hosts” to provincially approved windmills and they’re demanding that Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government allow municipal governments to choose whether and where to put industrial wind projects.

A group of residents in North Gower, a region of Ottawa that the province pegged for a large-scale wind-power project, is supportive of the coalition’s demands, but Ottawa is not officially a member of the unwilling hosts coalition.

Progressive Conservative Party leader Tim Hudak told 1,600 delegates gathered at the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference this week that, if elected, he would “scrap the Green Energy Act” entirely. If communities don’t want windmills, the municipality should not be “forced” to house “industrial wind turbines,” Hudak said.

New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath said “short-sighted” decisions on the energy file have created a needless backlash against wind power in communities that feel inadequately consulted.”

The Liberal government’s 2009 Green Energy Act gave the province control over the location of wind energy projects but, in May, the province announced changes that will require developers to work more closely with municipalities. Energy projects that are part of a co-op, owned by a First Nation or at least half-owned by a municipality, will get priority for the Feed-in Tariff program “which is good, because if the private company has community support already, then the project will be more successful,” said Kristopher Stevens, executive director of Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA).

To that end, Wynne has asked the OSEA, a non-profit organization, to raise awareness in communities slated for the turbine projects about the benefits of hosting, including the financial gains that can come from being power generators in a cash-strapped economy.

“It’s going to require a transformation in the way we think about energy,” said Stevens, who noted one of the best things about the Green Energy Act is that it supports smaller scale projects.

“What we want is to have lots of points of light — sort of like the Internet — so that if part of the system goes off, the rest of the system can isolate it and keep running.”



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