Wynne peddles more Liberal crap at AMO Conference … doesn’t she know nobody believes her any more?

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Like her predecessor McGuinty who lied to Ontario tax payers for over 10 years and yet never admitted that he basically ruined this Province for decades to come, I guess Kathleen Wynne had to come up with “something” to flog at the latest AMO gabble fest in Ottawa!

She spouted off more crap about “investing in Ontario” by making it easier to identify lands and areas of development available across Ontario that would be available at one source. It’s called a database, in case anyone isn’t computer literate.

So who would be interested in “investing” in this Province with severely inflated electrical rates, an Industrial base so completely disintegrating and moving out of Ontario to greener pastures because of the “cost to do business” in Ontario is so high and a debt loaded future for any worker who wants to live here?


Where McGuinty/Wynne have set up such a Green Ponzi scheme with consumer dollars that this industry would be the best fit for her Green Dream/Nightmare!

All other Private sector investors are way too smart to even listen to this crap. BUT she had a captive audience; OUR Municipal representatives who are also living off tax payers dollars and don’t really give a damn about losing any money…….it isn’t THEIRS!

She states “disused lands and existing urban areas” would be included in her Investment-Ready Program and let me say there is a lot of that available seeing that Ontario is being abandoned along the same lines as Detroit!

Wynne announces plan to flag possible development sites in Ontario

ADRIAN MORROW The Globe and Mail Published Monday, Aug. 19 2013

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is pledging to help municipalities lure businesses and developers by making it easier for companies to find land to build on.

In a speech to the Ontario Municipal Association in Ottawa Monday, Ms. Wynne announced the Investment-Ready Program, which will flag sites in cities and towns across the province that are available to be built on. Under the program, the province will maintain a list of these sites, along with information that would be useful to developers – such as the condition of the land and what municipal services are connected to it.

The program’s goal, Ms. Wynne said, is to make it simple for companies to browse development sites.

“This will mean businesses can quickly make more informed decisions, and help expansion projects get under way sooner,” she said. “For municipalities, it provides another tool to promote your communities, to attract new investment and foster growth. And it does that upfront work that’s so critical.”

Ms. Wynne’s plan also dovetails with the province’s policy of limiting suburban sprawl and encouraging redevelopment of disused land in existing urban areas.




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