Timely “Refresh” to explain how Ontario Government “spins” it’s failed Green Energy Policy!

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Maybe it’s timely to show the poor suckers in Ontario (electrical consumers) how they have been manipulated, cajoled and basically denied any true picture of how absolutely destructive Ontario’s Green energy Policy has been forced down their throats like some massive chicken-feeding complex that cares not for the health and welfare of the subjects (consumers) but is all about making a fistful of dollars from an “Enronesque” energy swindle that is tantamount to the Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff look like a saint!

The Liberal Party’s “go-to” PR firm, Sussex Group back in 2010, were asked to provide some strategy “sound bytes” that would steer the anticipated outrage over the Failed Green Energy Plan to a more agreeable outcome.

The last statement in this report should be memorized and used as a basis for all other debates and discussions when dealing with this dysfunctional group of politicians who are “driving this massive fraud forward”!



Renewable Energy Matters–Campaign Outline
18 October 2010


•A number of renewable energy developers have come together to form a lose coalition of interests, to promote renewable energy policy in Ontario and support the agenda set as part of the Green Energy and Economy Act and the Feed‐in‐Tariff program.
•This coalition will be joined by other groups, such as Environmental Defence and the GEA Alliance, as well as labour, economic development, health and environmental stakeholders, to develop common messaging, communications tools (ie. paid and earned media) and targeted local campaigns in areas where opposition to renewable power exists.
•The goal of this effort will be two‐fold:
1.Help support an expedited release of FIT contracts, including those associated with new Bruce‐Milton transmission capacity; and
2.Support the broader government plan for sustained contracting for wind and solar through the FIT Program, as part of the Supply Mix Directive and Long‐Term Energy Plan.
•As renewable energy is also anticipated to be a wedge issue in the election, with the PCs supporting a move away from renewables, this effort should consolidate industry and non‐industry stakeholders in rallying support for a continued focus on green power as important economic, social, and energy policy in Ontario.

•In this, it will be critical to “confuse” the issue in the political/public/media away from just price to include key value attributes such as jobs, clean air, farm income, etc. Renewables cannot be defined by price alone.

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