The “sponsorship scandals” just keep coming: Metrolinx cashes in on “front of the line Tickets to Bill’s games and TIFF”! (update)

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Another day, another McGuinty agency sucking our dollars out of the trough to pad their feathered nests!

Almost daily now we have to read another gut-wrenching story about how OUR hard earned tax dollars are pissed away in the wind by unnecessary Bureaucratic agencies that were set up by a Government which knows no bounds in what can only be called, CORRUPT!

Metrolinx thinks it’s necessary and to make sure everyone knows it they spend copious amounts of dollars to make themselves “appear” legitimate in the public eye by sponsoring events that really don’t need the likes of this agency to creep into it’s visible image!

Word to the wise groups who promote their events, such as TIFF, Nuit Blanche, Taste of the Danforth etc, etc, ……………don’t let this giant parasitic gaggle of Bureaucrats get inside your organization or lose all credibility!

Note to those poor slobs who can’t afford tickets or even have them available for purchase because the “suits” have them gobbled up: Go to work for Metrolinx and join the club that is familiar like the Leafs games in the golds, empty seats, that are owned by bureaucrats and YOUR dollars!

Metrolinx bureaucrats score premium tickets




The sponsorship deals came to light because Metrolinx had trouble managing two agreements in 2011 that yielded premium tickets to the prestigious events.

The agreements forced an internal audit and policy overhaul of its own promotional program, according to documents obtained under provincial freedom of information legislation.

The reports show that $27,000 worth of NFL tickets, some of which were intended to raise money for charity, were sold to Metrolinx staff at a steeply discounted rate. The agency also forked over $30,000 of taxpayer cash to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to sponsor the event and in exchange received a bevy of free tickets to red carpet events, film screenings and exclusive parties.

In early 2011, Metrolinx began to ramp up its so-called “promotional partnership” agreements as a way to “enhance brand recognition.” But by November the program was in trouble.

In a memo dated Nov. 28, 2011, director of strategic communications, Vasie Papadopoulos, defended the program to Metrolinx President and CEO Bruce McCuaig.

“Partnerships can serve as a vehicle to showcase the value of Metrolinx and its operating division in the community,” she wrote. “And also to facilitate the extension of those brands in the non-commuter and leisure travel market by connecting customers to unique cultural exhibitions and events.”

But Papadopoulos went on to say that there was little oversight over the program, ticket use was inconsistently tracked and she acknowledged Metrolinx’s internal audit department was reviewing the program.

In early June, Metrolinx signed on as a promotional partner of TIFF. The agency gave TIFF $30,000 in “seed money” to secure the deal and the 22-page contract outlined a series of items that were to be provided by the sponsor. McCuaig and Metrolinx Chief Financial Officer Robbert Siddall approved the deal, Papadopoulos noted in the memo.

The festival gave Metrolinx promotional placement in a number of its programs, banners and advertisements. Metrolinx did the same for TIFF.


Here’s the Metrolinx Payroll on the Sunshine List for people earning more than $100.000.00 per year………read it and weep!!!!!

Metrolinx 2012 Sunshine List, Rankings and Analysis

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here is the 2012 sunshine list (released in March 2013) and analysis for Metrolinx. The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 262.

The number of Counsels is 9
The number of Engineers is 12
The number of Managers is 89
The number of Supervisors is 14
The number of Directors is 27
The number of Superintendents is 2
The number of Vice Presidents is 12
The number of Team Leads is 1
The number of Technicians is 18
The number of Advisors is 2
The number of Consultants is 1

Total of Salaries on the Sunshine List: $33,531,394

Total salary of the top ten earners: $2,696,755

Here’s the top ten highest earners:
Metrolinx    MCCUAIG    BRUCE    President & Chief Executive Officer    $363,403.19    $12,407.56
Metrolinx    MCNEIL    GARY    President, GO Transit    $275,476.34    $4,713.80
Metrolinx    MARTIN    MARY    Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary    $275,046.93    $309.12
Metrolinx    ZUCKER    STEPHEN    Executive Vice President, Presto Fare Card    $269,649.76    $210.51
Metrolinx    CHUNG    FRANCES    Director, Financial Services    $269,417.89    $135.68
Metrolinx    PERCY    GREGORY W.    Vice President, GO Capital Infrastructure    $264,086.30    $3,839.02
Metrolinx    COLLINS    JACK    Executive Vice President, Rapid Transit Implementation    $262,873.77    $285.36
Metrolinx    SIDDALL    ROBERT    Chief Financial Officer    $250,406.21    $281.64
Metrolinx    HALEY    KATHRYN    President, Union Pearson Express    $249,020.54    $274.68
Metrolinx    KNIGHT    JUDITH    Vice President, GO Capital Infrastructure    $217,374.52    $2,625.56


Metrolinx balks at making audit public



Metrolinx president and CEO Bruce McCuaig. (DAVE ABEL/Toronto Sun files)

TORONTO – Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig says he needs to consult his staff before deciding whether an internal audit of a troubled sponsorship program will see the light of day.

McCuaig on Tuesday didn’t rule out releasing the documents which review the provincial transit agency’s controversial 2011 sponsorship program.

After Metrolinx entered into the sponsorship deals, some premium tickets to the Toronto International Film Festival and a Buffalo Bills game were distributed to staffers for free or at a fraction of their sale price.

But, McCuaig said making the document public would not be normal practice.

“An internal audit document is just that, an internal audit document,” he insisted. “In general, I think our practice has been we don’t make those publicly available as a matter of course. I’d like to have a conversation with staff before I make a decision or comment one way or the other.”

The Toronto Sun has repeatedly asked for a copy of the audit.

Metrolinx spokesman Anne Marie Aikins said before the audit could be released, it would have to be vetted to ensure the agency wasn’t violating privacy laws.

“We do have that process we would have to go through,” she said.

Metrolinx found itself in hot water earlier this week after a Sun story uncovered problems with two sponsorship programs in 2011. The agency bureaucrats acknowledged in the reports that exclusive tickets to film screenings, parties and a Buffalo Bills game were given to some staff and sold to other employees at cut rates. Few measures were used to track how the stubs were used.


 Metrolinx audit questions why contract was unsigned


Metrolinx president and CEO Bruce McCuaig. (DAVE ABEL/Toronto Sun files)
TORONTO – An internal audit of troubled Metrolinx sponsorship programs reveals that a number of deals, including a controversial agreement with Rogers Centre, were never actually signed by anyone at the transit agency but still moved ahead.

The Toronto Sun repeatedly asked the arms-length government agency to release the audit which probes two “promotional partnerships” from 2011. The eight-page document was provided by Metrolinx Friday afternoon.

The March 2012 audit shows that a deal which saw Metrolinx staff get exclusive access to Buffalo Bills tickets, some for free, some at a vastly discounted price, was never signed by a Metrolinx manager. The deal was reviewed by agency lawyers but never signed.

“Our audit procedures revealed that some of the agreements/contracts — such as the Rogers Centre — between the organization and the sponsorship partners were not signed and executed,” wrote auditors Michael Kudulo and Jey Ratnasingam.

Senior management agree with the auditors in the document.

“The fact that some contracts were not found to be signed is unacceptable, and a more defined procedure must be in place to ensure compliance,” reads the management response.

But in an e-mail to the Sun Friday, Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins said the Rogers Centre contract was the only agreement not signed.

The report also finds discrepancies between the reported use of tickets to the Bills game. Metrolinx received 50 VIP tickets worth $320 for staff use. But in a Nov. 28, 2011 memo, strategic communications director Vasie Papadopoulos told CEO Bruce McCuaig only 18 of those 50 tickets were used.

The auditors write that Rogers records indicate otherwise, but provide no further detail.

“External documentary evidence obtained from the Rogers Centre contradicts the internal document,” the auditors wrote.



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