PC MPP fights Wind Turbines while supporting “idiotic Pumped Storage disaster” in the making!!!!!!

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Geez!…………..”Green Energy” must be a trigger for insane and idiotic actions by politicians across the board!

OR could the promise of massive amounts of money being sucked out of Ontario consumers pockets lead to hypocrisy and destructive decisions by politicians when any developer comes up with a scheme like the Marmora Pumped Storage project by Northland Power.

BTW, Northland Power may not be the best investment for a Township to get involved with. See the following critique by a Financial analyst:

A look at Northland Power: Globe and Mail analyst :-

“(…………………………….And the stock sports a 6.9-per-cent yield – more than twice as high as the yield on the S&P/TSX composite index.
   But when a yield gets that high, you need to ask why. In Northland’s case, there are several risks to keep in mind………………………………………..)”

Take the following into account:

MPP Todd Smith for Prince Edward-Hastings, took on the battle against Wind Turbine Development and announced after the Environmental Review Tribunal’s decision to put a halt to the Ostrander Point project due to the presence of the Blandling Turtle that he was taking that issue off his “white board”!

Of course we now know the other Government body, the MOE is appealing that ruling because the Ontario Government can’t lose one project in fear of losing them all!

Now Todd Smith states that the next project he will go after is to make sure the Marmora Pumped Storage project will go ahead!

WHAT??……………..Smith says WHAT?

There must be some mistake with this announcement unless the Wind Turbine issue didn’t register in Todd Smith’s head the importance of stopping everything “Green ” related to Wind Turbine Development…….that includes the massive Pumped Storage plan!

Tim Hudak, Todd’s leader, stated publicly that the Green Energy Act is on the chopping block if the PC’s get into power. Didn’t Todd get the memo?Northland has hosted visits to this little town under siege trying to sell their ridiculous scheme and one such visit was attended by NDP’s . We all know the NDP want the Green Energy Act to continue as they voted in favour of it back in 2009 along with the Liberals but the PC’s were against it from the beginning.

Todd Smith also raved about his visit to Marmora to witness Northland’s project and his support for it even though residents vehemently oppose it!

Photo: Thanks to the Municipality of Marmora and Northland Power for the tour of Pumped Storage Hydro Project with Michael Mantha Algoma-Manitoulin.

NDP’s visit Marmora’s Northland proposal site.

We all know this Pumped Storage project will be used to sell more Wind Development which is quickly ruining Ontario and why a PC MPP would condone this action makes one wonder if there is anything left in Ontario politics that isn’t a complete HYPOCRISY!




July 4, 2013

(BELLEVILLE) – Upon first taking office, Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith decided to make defeating the wind projects planned for the County a priority of his time in office. In the almost two years since, Smith has been busy forcing the issue at Queen’s Park. He’s had a private members bill on the subject, hosted a town hall, asked questions in Question Period and written countless letters to Ministers demanding that they cancel the project.

On Wednesday, Smith and activists in Prince Edward County got their wish. The Environmental Review Tribunal that had been convened to hear the appeal regarding the decision to go ahead with the wind project planned for Ostrander Point, overturned the decision by the Ministry to go ahead with the project. “It’s still up on the white board in my office.” Smith stated. “When I took office, I put up a white board and listed what my priorities were for this term. Stopping the project at Ostrander Point was number one.”

“Most of the credit should go to the people on the ground who did a lot of the heavy lifting on this project.” Smith continued. “Ultimately, it was the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists who made the decisive case at the Tribunal. I just made sure that their voice was heard at Queen’s Park.”

Smith has been the Prince Edward-Hastings MPP since winning election on October 6th, 2011. His first private members bill, the Local Municipality Democracy Act, would have restored municipal planning powers regarding projects like the one planned for Ostrander Point. The bill was debated and defeated by the Liberal government on December 1st, 2011. Since then, Smith has continued to advocate against projects that would place wind turbines on the County’s South Shore.

“This is a victory for the County.” Smith concluded. “In less than two years, my office received approximately three thousand pieces of correspondence opposing this project in the form of emails, phone calls, letters and petitions. This was the kind of representative I wanted to be for the riding; someone who listens to their constituents and delivers results.”

“I can finally take it off the white board.” Smith joked. “Next on the list is the Marmora Pumped Storage Project. It would be nice to get that into the queue and bring some good jobs to Marmora.”

For Information Contact: Mitch Heimpel | 416 325 2702 | todd.smith@pc.ola.org

  1. Local update:


    81. Mr. Smith — Enquiry of the Ministry — Would the Minister of Energy explain why his Ministry has delayed in arriving at a contract to produce power for the proposed Marmora Pumped Storage project. April 29, 2013.

    The only thing Todd Smith appears to have figured out since 2011 is that this project is not “renewable” and thus not eligible for the FIT contract he was previously demanding on behalf of Northland Power:

    from the records for the 2012 spring session of the Legislature:
    “106. Mr. Smith — Enquiry of the Ministry — Would the Minister of Energy explain why his Ministry has delayed in arriving at a FIT contract for the proposed Marmora Pumped Storage project. February 21, 2012.”

    Local Translation remains the same since 2011: who cares about the terrified people in Marmora

    • Update Addendum:
      By all means, Mr. Smith and all “silence is consent” PC adherents committed to partisan solidarity and political self-interest – keep the public and media focused on partisan tut-tutting and finger-pointing blame for endangering wildlife and human health with windmills along with a gas plant scandal, after-the fact – instead of helping stop a bigger scandal in-the-making that could see the lives and homes of scores of PEOPLE unnecessarily threatened by YOUR prioritizing the interests of Northland Power.

      It’s getting beyond nauseating watching gullible public officials of good intention paving the road to hell for us unwittingly, by being successfully recruited to primarily shoot down their own credibility – publicly and in Northland Power’s interests. but to the impending peril of a lot of innocent local people stripped of all political representation and voice.

      All helping to simultaneously prop up a local council that had secretively and illegitimately sold out their unaware electorate as planned in advance – before the people were allowed to know anything about this pumped storage lunacy – which conveniently enabled exploitation of all local taxpayers and their local tax dollars for council and staff use in Northland Power’s private interests, akin to irrelevant cash cows and slaves useful only as council marketing and involuntary bullying tools to assist with pressuring Ministers of Energy into “buying” Northland’s phony pumped storage dream on Northland’s behalf.

      The obvious from Day 1, locally: If Northland Power’s dream had any useful merits worthy of publicly funding or they were to be forced to build their dangerously-proposed upper reservoir on the other site of the pit in the proper way, none of this need have happened and lives in Marmora would not be hanging by a political thread.

      Why? Because Northland Power’s publicized “low capital cost” pumped storage option simply wouldn’t be and therefore not worthy of their continued “aspiring” of being gifted with their dream contract of a 40 year duration, that would see them paid for this senseless project to be “capable of running” while potentially imperilling local lives (all at redundant cost to the gas plants paid to not generate electricity, to electricity consumers across Ontario).

  2. MY comment posted in response to Quinte News story “Pumped storage project up front at AMO”:

    ‘Twas nice the Belleville Intelligencer article included Chiarelli’s confirmation of what I’ve known since summer 2011 – our local tax dollars have been wasted for over 2 years already, on “stakeholder” attempts to get NPI their dream 40 yr contract for this redundant profit-generator to be “capable of running”, which the OPA can’t grant without first having a procurement process for its negotiation. Northland Power obviously didn’t have a prayer of getting it without the lies, intimidation, discrimination, mass public/ media deception AND exploitation of our local people & public funds for private interests. PROFIT or SAFETY? – pick ONE.
    Furthermore, that publicized “closed loop” project merit has never been corrected but if you want to see how a closed loop design could look, it sure isn’t anything like Northland’s fantasy:
    onPg2-FOR Bill Glisky re our chat on Lorne’s show this morning:
    Posted: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
    Article comment by: Another Boondoggle in the Boondocks?
    Kinda like pumping sewer water uphill and spraying it on Flagstaff’s watershed?
    Belated correction – That “relevant-to-Marmora” Reader Comment for Bill’s shared entertainment might be on Pg1…
    Hear my last-caller chat with Bill as fill-in host on Lorne Brooker’s radio talk show broadcast from CJBQ (Belleville) – Wed Aug 21, 2013, starting at time mark ~1:46:20

  3. This sordid saga continues via this Quinte News item, posted Fri, Aug 16th, ’13 – 9:21 am:


  4. 1957chev says:

    Still “pumping money into the faux-green scam”…..RIDICULOUS!

  5. 1957chev says:

    Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    We need to have Tim Hudak make the PC’s position on Greed Energy “LOUD and CLEAR!!! This Smith guy is crazy!

  6. Pristine Superior says:

    Curiouser and curiouser, what rabbit hole is this? Todd and Mitch seemed too competent to fall for this crazy scheme, and it is frightening that Mantha is sniffing around it as though he getting ready to bring the scam to Algoma-Manitoulin…

  7. Good thing this PC MPP, once again showing he’s hard at work on behalf of the Council for Marmora and Lake, Northland Power, Aecon and remaining supporters of this “pumped storage” fantasy, has politicians beyond those currently and formerly elected for the Liberal Party of Ontario on his side – along with those 3 total letters of support from local residents back in summer 2011 that continue to publicly demonstrate the “overwhelming support from the community” that Reeve Clemens publicly claimed the municipality had before any of those 3 were even written.

    Make sure YOU don’t miss seeing ALL the “merits” of this rare example of a so-called “Green Energy” project that has ALL major party support and that was ensured of NO publicly-visible opposition, here:

    Sadly, it looks like Mr. Smith didn’t get invited to share this photo-op with his NDP MPP allies Catherine Fife and Michael Mantha, who have also been recruited into the ranks of a “pumped up” army of gullible and ill-informed proponents:

    He could still complain to “Marmora and Lake”:

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