Why is Ontario’s Energy Sector in shambles. Government has allowed “less than honest players” to run it?

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When “appointed” agencies get control of a Government run sector then we lose all “control” over decision-making with OUR tax dollars and scandals pop up like in a Whack-a-Mole game. Take the Gas Plant scandal as a perfect example!

If these agencies plan on making decisions that would ordinarily “break existing Laws”, then just “change the Law”! The Green Energy Act is a prime example of that little problem.

The GEA basically removed any Democratic process in the siting and completion of Green Energy projects across Rural Ontario.

Proof?………look at your Hydro bills and see the “For Sale signs on uninhabitable homes splayed across South Western Ontario.

Who’s running Ontario’s energy policies?????

First we look at the Ontario Power Authority. Appointments of many “back-room-buddies” of Government all being paid huge salaries to “manage” our once secure, affordable electricity supply. Now we are stuck with an inefficient, unstable and highly destructive mix of Wind Turbines and Smart metres that are not only stupid but unnecessary!

Then we look behind the curtain of “The Wonderful World of Oz (McGuinty/Wynne)” we see organizations such as OSEA (Ontario Sustainable Energy Association) actively creating policy for the various Energy Ministers to use when making Public Announcements about how GREAT their decisions regarding Green Energy really are.

The Feed In Tariff (FIT) is the basis of their policy-wanking-rhetoric where these “private players” make all their monies off the backs of honest hard-working Ontario Electrical Consumers. Notice the apology to the readers of the following post from OSEA where they state that Colin Anderson of the Ontario Power Authority won’t be present for the “Webinar” that is supposed to create new policy for Chiarelli to use to fleece even more money from consumers for a very long time with the failed Green Energy Agenda now hopelessly out-of-control even though most of Europe has STOPPED any more development of Wind Turbines because of the damage it has caused to their economies.

OSEA Long-Term Energy Plan Webinar Series

Webinar previously titled: Revamping the FIT process: Rebuilding confidence in Ontario’s Energy Market

What went right and what went wrong during the last round of FIT?  Have we learned anything?  How could the FIT review and contract process be improved? What do First Nations, communities, municipalities, developers and financers need to have confidence in future procurement processes?

In the wake of recent announcements by the Ministry of Energy about the Feed-In Tariff Programs in Ontario, Kristopher Stevens, OSEA’s Executive Director, met with Energy Minister Chiarelli to provide the Association’s initial recommendations on what action to take with rejected applications, how to revamp the procurement process and recommendations on how to improve sector communication. Minister Chiarelli has asked for further consultation with OSEA and its stakeholders moving forward. In turn, OSEA is turning to you, its members, friends, and supporters to garner your input and engage you on how to get things right.

Now is your time to weigh in! Help guide Ontario’s decision makers in redesigning the system.

Regretfully, Colin Andersen is unable to participate directly in Thursday’s webinar FIT 3.0 Revamping the Procurement Process: Rebuilding Confidence in Ontario’s Energy Market. That said, OSEA has had no difficulty in finding other OSEA members to speak to the issue of procurement. They are:


  • Adrienne Downey, Operations & Business Development Manager, Enercon Canada
  • Toby Couture, Director of Renewable Energy, IFOK GmbH
    International expert on procurement processes
  • Chris Benedetti, Principal, Sussex Strategy Group
  • Harry French, President, Ontario Sustainability Services and President, Whitchurch-Stouffville Community Energy Co-operative
  • Ray Roth, Vice-President & General Manager, Saturn Power Inc.
  • Rob McMonagle, Senior Advisor- Green Technology & Green Energy, City of Toronto


One other thing you will notice here is that the Sussex Group is represented here and that is because they are the strategy group which offers up the “psycho-babble” that the various Ministers of Energy use to announce the nonsensical gaffle-bab they use when announcing new initiatives for the overall “screwing consumers over” with huge Hydro Bills!

After all, most politicians couldn’t even tie their own shoes without a PA present!

The following in-depth report on the OPA will show you how badly Ontario is being managed and why we have billion dollar scandals that WE as tax payers will be saddled with and how this never ending gouging and screwing agenda is being propped up against all odds!

Is the OPA up to the job?

Ontario gas plants and the future of power: is the Ontario Power Authority up to the job?
 Gas plant cancelled for political expediency, millions wasted
The Auditor General’s report dated April 2013 on the Eastern Power Mississauga gas plant contained the following remarks:
 “Eastern Power was awarded three of the seven contracts, including one for the Greenfield South Power Plant. This was proposed as a 280-MW combined-cycle gas-fired facility to be located in Mississauga and to operate over a 20-year period. Ultimately, it was the only contract Eastern Power executed. For various reasons, including Eastern Power’s challenges in securing financing, the other two projects were terminated. The Greenfield South contract was signed in April 2005.”
   It appears the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in awarding the contracts to Eastern Power didn’t bother to ensure they would be able to obtain financing, but awarded the contract(s) anyway.
   Now, in 2013, the OPA will soon be handed the full authority by Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli to ramp up their powers to negotiate and sign competitive contracts, as part of his idea of how to fix the feed-in tariff (FIT) program.   Minister Chiarelli directed the OPA via his June 12, 2013 directive to make the following change to the FIT program:
“Replacing the Large FIT program with a new competitive procurement process and working with municipalities and Aboriginal communities to help identify appropriate locations and siting requirements.”
   That “gas plant scandal” the Liberals have been dealing with was partially caused by the OPA’s prior actions as the Mississauga plant was to be up and running by 2007; yet the Minister is now proposing to give them more authority.  Past and present Energy Ministers appear to think the bureaucrats that made mistakes in the past have learned their lesson.  Or have they?
   Recently The Hill Times (Ottawa) did a complete review of the “energy” scene in Canada and took the time to do an article on the Ontario electricity sector and its push for renewable energy via the Green Energy and Economy Act. The following quote from Ontario’s Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli appears:
“He also outlined a number of other incentives for municipal participation in the renewable energy sector, including making it easier for cities [my emphasis] to become equity partners in wind energy projects and provisions for increased tax and assessment revenues from turbines. “And that will be retroactive—it includes existing turbines as well,” Mr. Chiarelli added.”
   I’m not sure how that last comment will play out as the “assessment” on wind turbines was defined by the previous Finance Minister, Dwight Duncan, who instructed the Municipality Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to assess amaximum taxable assessment of $40,000 per megawatt (MW).  If the contracts executed by the OPA carry guarantees on the assessed values, we should expect threats of further lawsuits, and unless Chiarelli has got clearance from current Finance Minister Charles Sousa, his premise may be dead in the water.  Nevertheless the many processes recently announced by Minister Chiarelli are moving forward, but most anti-wind turbine groups see this whole exercise as a worthless “conversation” (to paraphrase Premier Kathleen Wynne).   Those groups are also having trouble understanding what “cities” have to do with the process when it is chiefly rural communities that are affected.  I am confident Minister Chiarelli would have difficulty pointing to a major wind turbine development near any “city” in Ontario.
   In any event it appears to this writer that the OPA, charged with running this new “competitive procurement process”may be challenged as the Mississauga Greenfield project and another contract they awarded has recently demonstrated.
   A recent case has surfaced: a small OPA contract of 6.15 MW awarded to Redbird Energy, reportedly chaired by  Kevin Loughery.   The President is listed as Nancy Loughrey and coincidently, an Internet search turns them up (or two people connected with the same name) in Atlanta, Georgia.  As a further coincidence the FBI in the U.S. has charged a Kevin P. Loughery with “wire fraud” for using investor funds for his personal use.
   Is the chair of Redbird, described on the Redbird website as “Kevin has been actively involved in reviewing and assessing renewable energy companies and projects since 2006 and brings 20 years of investment experience as a stock broker for Bear Stearns, a currency trader for Thomas Cook, etc.”  and the person charged by the FBI one and the same?  If so, it appears the OPA awards contracts to companies possibly controlled by individuals charged with fraud.
   I’m sure this latest finding will provide Minister Chiarelli with even more confidence in the OPA’s abilities to negotiate future contracts.
   This recent example and the past history of the OPA’s awarding of the Eastern Power/Greenfield contract(s) fails to provide the voters, taxpayers and ratepayers of Ontario with confidence in the  process that the previous and the current Ministers of Energy seem to feel is active in the OPA.
   We Ontarians have certainly had our share of scandals over the past 10 years; at some point someone must draw a line in the sand—it appears the government won’t!
    Now is the time!
Parker Gallant
August 13, 2013
The opinions expressed in this posting are those of the author and are not necessarily the policy of Wind Concerns Ontario.




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