How stupid can “Green Politicians” be? …………. Here’s a great example!!!!

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

If this wasn’t so damn serious we just may consider it “funny”. But there is nothing funny about out and out stupidity, ignorance or just plain fraudulent decision-making by Politicians around the world who have embraced Green Energy without thinking it through!

Can you imagine having a Wind Development sitting in the middle of the sea without any power lines to get the electricity to the mainland yet having to burn thousands of gallons of diesel fuel a day for generators to keep the wind blades moving so they won’t seize up?

YET!………here’s the story in all it’s glory.

Meanwhile stupid granola eating organic “green eco activists” are all marching around screaming about the Oil Sands are filthy and will kill all the children in the world and marching up and down streets in front of cameras with a big cardboard pipe on their shoulders…………………..and did I just say Politicians were STUPID?……………..sorry, so are the Green People that believe them!!!

Windpark To Nowhere…22,000 Litres Of Diesel Fuel Burned Every Month To Keep Windpark From Rusting Away!

By P Gosselin on 13. August 2013

Germany has ambitious plans of erecting huge offshore wind parks in the North and Baltic Seas with the hope of generating lots of natural, climate-friendly energy. The Riffgat offshore wind park, comprising 30 monster turbines located some 15 kilometers from the North Sea island of Borkum, is such a wind park.


The Riffgat offshore wind park has no transmission lines to take the power onshore. More than 22,000 liters of diesel fuel are needed each month to keep the idled turbines from rusting away. Photo source:

The dream is that Riffgat will power tens of thousands of homes and businesses with clean energy, and so become a model for the rest of the world. And now that construction of the wind park is finished, the dream also includes leading politicians inaugurating the wind park amid massive media attention, and thus looking like responsible heroes who are rescuing the planet.

That was the dream.



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