Visit Manitoulin now!…The “Green GENOCIDE” of the Island is happening!

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Foreign wind developers are now, with the Provincial Government’s blessings,  ripping the guts out of Manitoulin Island to make way for the installation of more Wind Turbines which Ontario needs like the Black Plague! The so-called trumped up “Green Movement” is cheering all the way to the bank while a natural wonder is being reduced to nothing more that a Third World shithole!

When I say “Green Movement” I include our own Provincial Government who isn’t fit to stand for public office let alone be allowed to tell any more out and out lies about “how great Green Energy is”.

Photograph by Jake Wright, The Hill Times

Wind farms: Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says the provincial government’s new procurement process for wind farms ‘is virtually going to guarantee that there will be peace with the municipalities’ concerned about where new projects will be located.

Just try and get through the link above without throwing up in your mouth!

Now Manitoulin Island is very quickly being gouged, dragged, busted up, blown up and literally torn apart to make way for the fraudulent development of Green Energy Turbines that do nothing but screw consumers out of money for a fake supply of electricity.

Better get into your little electric car with your 1 1/2 kids and try and make it up to Manitoulin before your 1 1/2 kids have to go back to McGuinty’s/Wynne’s Institutions called “school” and take some pictures that you can use in years ago to show your little Johnny-and-a-half how great Green Energy really is!

Island’s beauty will be ruined by turbines


Ruth Farquhar, Sudbury Star
Have you ever felt heartsick? That’s what I call it when I see something I can’t really do anything about but you know in your core it’s just wrong on so many levels. I took a tour of the work that is happening on MacLean’s Mountain to install the industrial wind turbines. As I looked at all of the land being destroyed, the wetlands being filled in, truck after truck of gravel going up and down the back roads, blasting the rock, that’s how I felt — heartsick.


If you want to see the beauty that is McLean’s Mountain and surrounding area I would suggest you visit now because it is going to be long gone in just a few short months. I find it fascinating that people have been shrugging off the project and still seem surprised when anyone talks about how it may affect the Island and its peoples. They seem to think the turbines are plunked down without the connecting lines to the transmission line that will take this highly subsidized energy off the Island.

Each of the 24 turbines needs to have clear cutting to take the connector lines to the transmission line, imagine if you will a spider web of lines all over the mountain and going down Greenbush Road to Harbor Vue road and then underwater to Goat Island. When I was there, a barge in the North Channel was laying down the submarine cable. At the end of Harbor Vue road they are building a transition station, which according to one source, was not part of the original plan. Read article

What wind turbine construction is really made of: Oil spills, wetland draining & dust


 Northland Power drains wetland onto no-participant’s land

Oil Spill by Northland

Crusher dust being released into wildlands and down wind to homes and pastures

Come and witness the devastation that is taking place for the Northland Power McLean’s Mountain Windfarm on Manitoulin Island. Come and witness the spills.

Of particular note is the pumping of construction water through the fence onto non participating leaseholders land. This has taken place at turbine location 21 where it was identified this location is a wet area.

The turbine location now appears to have been moved about 50 metres to the east which is out of compliance with the allowable limit to be relocated. This further impacts our bush lot property.

The construction of this turbine location must be halted until a full investigation is completed.

Raymond Beaudry

  1. It’s an utter disgrace. The numbers of people who don’t trust Northland are bound to increase as the devastation to property and the lives of average people continues.

    • Total “disconnect from reality” is the Northland mantra! As long as their “Government backed plans” to suck money out of vulnerable Ontario tax payers pockets remains, their tactics will never change.
      We are being “governed” by a very deceitful and disgraceful bunch of miscreants!

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