How much more evidence do we need that “Government is in bed” with Green Energy Fraudsters???

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Much like our own Provincial Government in Ontario where ALL Ministries are deeply “involved” in perpetuating the Green Energy Fraud right from the top down to the other two levels of Government, County and eventually Municipal, now we learn some nasty details about the U.S. Government’s involvement in another “Enronesque” scenario with Solyndra.

The Green lobby world-wide operates more like an organized crime family, than a respectable business group with ethics and financial morals.

Anything goes with these “investors” and developers and has basically taken society back to the days when the Wild West was just a barren landscape without any law and order.

Of course when billions of dollars are being swindled out of honest people’s pockets with the Green Energy Scam one wouldn’t expect anyone involved to be honest and forthright. EXCEPT …..the people pushing this FRAUD are our own political leaders!!!!

Just to make this Fraud even worse is that it is the front for Government control over your lands resources and liberty. It’s called Agenda 21 and is now labelled “Sustainable Development”, which are the code words for TOTAL CONTROL BY A GLOBALIST GANG OF PSYCOPATHS!

Never in modern history has there been so much graft and corruption within Governments around the world than there is right now!

It should be labelled in history books: “The World’s biggest Fraud: Green Energy”!

The following will show how deep this “green rot has crept” into top Government echelons of power.

GreenTech courted Obama’s Solyndra aide

By ,  and   /   August 6, 2013

HANDS ACROSS AMERICA: Barack Obama tours Solyndra on May 26, 2010. In Oct. 2010, a White House adviser met with Terry McAuliffe to discuss his green car company. By Tori Richards and Earl Glynn |

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and three top GreenTech advisers met with the key White House aide responsible for helping bankrupt solar-panel maker Solyndra win federal loans and high-profile presidential support, a Watchdog investigation has revealed.

What they discussed in the Oct. 12, 2010, meeting with Obama “green energy” aide Greg Nelson is a mystery – the White House visitors log offers no details. But the confab came seven months after a stock transfer made McAuliffe a GreenTech minority owner and company chairman.

Obama Green aide Nelson

Months before the GreenTech meeting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., White House officials already knew Solyndra was on the ropes – failing an independent audit and headed toward a predicted default on its federal $535 million loan. Despite warnings from allies and staff, the president visited Solyndra in May 2010, pointing to the company as a model of his new economy.

Whatever happened in the White House meeting apparently wasn’t enough to stave off some misfortune. Eight months later a GreenTech lawyer was emailing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Director Alejandro Mayorkas, begging his agency to fast track approval of lagging visa applications for the company’s foreign investors under the federal EB-5 program.

In addition to Nelson and McAuliffe, the White House meeting included GreenTech finance director Gary Yi Tang, immigration and EB-5 attorney Steve Yale-Loehr and Northwestern University economist Michael K. Evans.

Yale-Loehr was on retainer for Gulf Coast Funds, which raises EB-5 funds for GreenTech. Evans had written a report detailing the impact of locating a GreenTech manufacturing plant in Tunica, Miss. He has also analyzed other projects seeking EB-5 funding.

If the GreenTech group was looking for funding, they wouldn’t have had a better friend in the White House than Nelson. He was responsible for the Obama meet-and-greet

AP Photo

FBI agent carries bags of evidence from Solyndra headquarters in Fremont, Calif., on Sept. 8, 2011.

at Solyndra in May. GreenTech didn’t fare as well: a year and a half later it settled for former president Bill Clinton at its grand opening in Mississippi.

Nelson, whose official White House title was deputy director of Public Engagement, was by his own accord “the member of the Public Liaison team charged with reaching out to the environmental community.”

A series of emails obtained by the media show his role in the Solyndra debacle.

In a March 2009 email, Nelson wrote Solyndra’s CEO that his company’s solar panel “looks like a great product, and the (manufacturing plant) plans for Fab 2 are inspiring.”

Within a few days, Solyndra’s $535 million loan was approved by the Obama Energy Department, according to the New York Times.

Nelson then met with Solyndra investor David Prend who had emailed him on March 13, 2009, saying, “In the current economic environment, they could use all the positive publicity they can get.”

Prend replied, “I look forward to working with you to get the message out and to affect real change in the Energy Industry.”

But as Obama was touring the facility a year later, Solyndra was secretly unraveling. A news story detailing its poor financial health ran the following month. In an email obtained by The Associated Press, Nelson dismissed the article as “Seems like B.S.” In communications with Nelson, Solyndra execs put on a brave front, writing, “things are going well…and our plan puts (us) at cash positive later this year.”




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