Ontario on brink of disaster YET voters prop up NDP and actually voted Liberal……..You can’t fix “STUPID”!

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Good Lord! ………….where do I live now?…..have I digested some weird mushroom and fallen into a small hole that has all the signs that I am in the land of “Alice in Wonderland”?

Last nights by-elections actually saw “so-called Ontarians” vote for Horwath and prop up the miserable remains of a Liberal hack in Ottawa!

I guess it doesn’t matter that we have been robbed blind and beaten like dogs by these two disgusting representatives of “all that’s wrong” with politicians today!

Horwath follows Wynne around like a dog in heat waiting to slop up any scrap of legislation that Wynne will throw at her for her backing in order to survive another day at the tax payers trough.  Horwath voted along with Wynne back in 2009 to enact the anti-democratic Green Energy Act, Bill 150, that has effectively reduced Ontario to a mere shadow of it’s former self, and is quickly on the road to ruin like Detroit. But hey, who gives a crap about all this when wrapped in the Orange and Red scarves of blind stupidity called the Liberals and NDP.

Instead of being propped up by STUPID voters these two parties should be papered with law suits and punished for destroying a way of life here in this Province that hard working citizens have spent lifetimes trying to build.

“Shame and Disgust” are two words that are just barely scraping the surface of criticism that these two political idiots should endure!

Byelections no vote of confidence for Wynne’s Liberals 

christina-blizzardBY  ,QMI AGENCY

AUGUST 01, 2013

TORONTO – No confidence.

That’s what voters said Thursday night.

The great good sense of voters has triumphed where the timidity and hypocrisy of politicians failed us.

Voters dumped Liberals in three ridings Thursday night, sending the scandal-plagued government of Premier Kathleen Wynne an unmistakable message of non-confidence.

Where the NDP propped up the Liberals, despite their record of massive over-spending, despite the disgusting litany of waste, mismanagement and malfeasance, voters said “dump ’em.”

The NDP might have been happy to go along with this dreadful government’s appalling record of money poured down the drain to cancel power plants for the Liberals’ own selfish political reasons, but voters said, “enough’s enough.”

Forget the nonsense the NDP and Liberals spouted about how voters told them we wanted them to work together to govern.

Nope, we didn’t. What we said was bring it on.

We’re tired of your lies. We’re tired of being taken for granted. We’re tired of our tax dollars being gouged from our pockets and flushed down the toilet.

This is the government that’s lied to us from the first day they took office.

Somehow, they fooled voters into giving them two majority governments and a minority.

Not any more.

It would have been encouraging if voters in Ottawa South, which has been a McGuinty family stronghold for 26 years, first with former premier Dalton McGuinty’s father, Dalton Sr., had finally sent them packing. But they didn’t. Tough to unseat the Liberals on turf they’ve owned for so long.

This result makes it abundantly clear that Wynne does not have the moral authority to govern. She doesn’t have her own mandate. She was simply appointed to the premier’s office by delegates at the Liberal convention in January.



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