Global Warming scare is now dead……..”what the hell was that all about”?

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

The above phrase will be used in the very near future and the warmist scare mongers will go down in history as a bunch of hysterical idiots that tried to rule the world out of the “Fear of Earth Ending Apocalypse” being caused by evil human beings!

Since the 80’s when the true “Globalist” came up with a new idea to scare the hell out of people why vilifying their habits of consumers, having babies and actually causing the weather to change because of all that, these same eco-idiots” have been found out for what they did.

Using a fake cause to align political ideals into a common cause is not a new idea, nor even a successful one, but try they did.

Young folks in the 70’s and 80’s found it cool to save trees, save species, go naturel, eat natural and live without creating a huge mess around them. VOILA! said the fat old buggers who were looking for a unifying cause that they could tie their coat tails to and pervert to their vision of control over!

Then came Maurice Strong! We all know who he was and how he engineered the psychopathic road we find ourselves on now. GREEN ENVIRONMENTALISM!

Now that the reality of this experiment in futility is quickly coming to an end, people will look back on these days and say “what the hell was that all about?”

That day can’t come fast enough!

Global warming scare is dying

Adler_CharlesBY  ,QMI AGENCY  JULY 18, 2013

Wind farm

Wind farms. (QMI files)

It’s been a tough week for the global warming purists.

They are getting blowback in Germany, where people are not only getting sick and tired of paying more for electricity — the same strategy that has been destroying the morale of Ontarians paying higher bills — but because people in rural parts of the country are getting increasingly restless as the government insists on building more of those wind energy monstrosities.

Let me begin with a quote from the German publication Der Spiegel:

“The goal is to get away from the turbulence found near the ground and to climb up into the Ekman layer, above 100 metres high, where the wind blows continuously. Up there, the forces of nature rage freely, creating enough terawatts to meet the energy needs of the global population hundreds of times over. Or at least that’s the theory.”

Yes, that’s the theory.

The big picture is this: All the theories about wind and solar energy have not been working out very well for the Germans. They’re paying through the nose for alternatives.

While it appeases green activists and pays handsome annual rents to farmers who agree to have turbines and solar panels on their land, those who are not directly involved in green subsidies are growing weary of all the theorizing.

Spain, as you know, is a country that hit the economic skids in the global crash five years ago and it still isn’t even close to recovery.

Debts are enormous and jobs are enormously scarce. Unemployment among youth is 50%.

And in recent days, the government has decided to massively reform its alternative energy program, meaning dramatic cuts in subsidies.

The green movement is complaining, as are, of course, the companies that have benefited from the subsidies.

But the government and taxpayers can’t take the balderdash any more.

Spain’s industry minister, Jose Manuel Soria, is telling them the government has no choice but to cut those subsidies.

He said, “If we did nothing, the only two alternatives would either be bankruptcy of the system or an increase of the price to consumers of more than 40%.”



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