Wind produces less than 1% of power needed during heat wave, so now Chiarelli says he wants to CONSERVE!

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What a load of crap. Here’s our Minister of Energy, I think it’s the fifth one in 5 years, but who’s counting, trying to “polish his energy turd” that he’s inherited from his predecessors.

CONSERVATION is the new/old mantra being dragged out of the “babbling bobble head’s closet at Queen’s Park” to explain Ontario’s “New Vision” on Energy for the future of Ontario.

Ontario’s energy sector is so bad that we can’t even supply enough power for a heat wave without brown-outs and black-outs randomly around the Province. But then you won’t hear any politician admit people are without power!

Can you imagine if all the Industry that has fled this Province due to astronomical energy prices were still here, we may be out of power across Rural Ontario for days……..even with all the towering Wind Turbines that just don’t work!

Ontarians don’t believe one single word this Government says any more and they have lost 100% of their credibility due to their massive rape of the tax payers and electrical consumers with their Green Energy Fraud!

Yet they keep buffing and polishing that good old turd!

Energy Minister Chiarelli: Bringing Ontario a New Energy Vision

According to the latest press release from Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, “everything old is new again”, if we are to believe any of the diatribe contained in it. One day after the highest demand day in 2013 the Minister has a “new” vision for our energy system. July 15, 2013, hour 17, the 2,017 MW of wind turbine generators were producing 47 MW of power to contribute to that peak demand hour’s energy needs of 24,025 MW. Wind was providing less then 2 tenths of 1%. Not to worry though as the Ontario Power Authority has contracted for an additional 3,000 MW of wind development and when they are up and running Ontario might get as much as one half a percent from wind generators on those peak summer demand days.

Perhaps because of that miserly production Minister Chiarelli suddenly became aware that the “old” energy plan has severely harmed Ontario! That evidence may have convinced him that if he simply relabels the “plan” as the “New Energy Vision” things will get better. In the release he has discovered conservation and given it his “Top Priority” perhaps recognizing that wind sure isn’t the panacea the environmentalists had promised. 
Nevertheless if Minister Chiarelli simply revisits page 65 of Minister Brad Duguid’s Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) he will note that Duguid planned for 7,100 MW of conservation capacity and with only 1,900 MW of reputed conservation attained (according to the same press release) we still need 5,200 MW more to reach the original target. Based on the LTEP “conservation” is (with the exception of refurbished nuclear) the reputed generation source we will get the biggest bang for our buck or as the Minister put it:

“Between 1990 and 2013, average household electricity consumption has declined by almost 25 per cent, resulting in the average household saving up to $350 based on current electricity costs.”

This is an interesting twist that only an economist could come up with as I am sure anyone reading that statement would not realize how much they had supposedly saved. What is missing in his statement however avoids telling the reader how much rates have risen since 2003 and why conservation was only down by 10.4 terrawatts (TWh) or 6.9% since that date. My guess is that Minister Chiarelli had to travel back to 1990 to make the Liberal track record appear better, but isn’t that what we have come to expect from their mismanagement of this portfolio?

If Minister Chiarelli had looked at the IESO data referenced for hour 17 above he might have discovered that Ontario was importing 1,535 MW from Quebec while we were exporting 1,835 MW to Michigan and New York. From that data he may have discerned that the $10 billion that the Ministry brags about Hydro One spending on their transmission grid has not allowed the power produced in Ontario to be used in Ontario. Moving the Oakville and Mississauga gas plants to Lambton and Bath will exacerbate that problem.

Reference graph from Conservation First

The Minister’s press release also links the reader to Conservation First: A Renewed Vision for Energy Conservation in Ontario a “guide” to help in the discussion as the province reputedly seeks input “to develop a new Conservation and Demand Management framework.” If one looks at the “guide” you note it contains several charts that forecast growth or reduction in energy consumption out to 2020. The categories are Industrial; forecast to grow from 35 TWh to 44 TWh, Commercial; forecast to increase from 58 TWh to 62 TWh and Residential; forecast to decline from 49 TWh to 47 TWh. With us residential energy consumers already picking up $200/400 million annually of the Global Adjustment (GA) as part of the transfer from the Class A industrial users to the rest of us Class B consumers we should anticipate seeing our share of the GA grow further. The interesting aspect of that forecast (consumption increasing from 141 TWh in 2012 to 153 TWh in 2020) is that it was prepared by the Ontario Power Authority who not very long ago were forecasting negative growth in demand for Ontario as noted inan article out of the Ottawa Citizen last December. Sure makes one wonder what has happened in the last six months to make them change their mind or does the Energy Minister simply order up a forecast that matches his press release?

The other aspect of the “conservation” initiatives impacting all Class B customers is the effect on our delivery rates. If the local distribution company (LDC) sees its income drop due to lower consumption it simply applies for a rate increase to the Ontario Energy Board and so far they have always blessed the increase requested as long as the LDC can claim the reason demand was down was due to their customers conservation. Not sure how we save money in that scenario.

If after reading the Minister’s diatribe one is inclined to believe this is anything but the same old drivel, with the words “New Energy Vision”simply added, well, you may be in the market for a bridge in Brooklyn.

The registered trademark associated with the OPA: “saveONenergy” should take on new meaning each and every time you see them in print, hear them on the radio, or see them on TV. Every time you read, hear or see the ad please think of the approximately $3 billion dollars that has so far been spent on getting the message out to conserve, and the $300 million the OPA spends annually that goes directly to your electricity bill!

Parker Gallant,
July 17, 2013


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