Why would any Municipality deal with Nextera Energy after reading this?

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

We all know that most  politicians aren’t terribly bright, let  alone honourable when a fistfull of dollars are flashed in front of their quickly glazed over eyes!

Courtesy Bing

Money money money……makes people rather dumbfounded and unable to think with clear minds, with all the images of riches and romance and power that are able to stir the senses beyond calm and collected rationalization.

This is how fraud artists disarm their victims, make them do normally incoherent things to achieve the riches offered and usually force these people end up as just mere shadows of their former selves telling everyone around them that they are Sorry, sorry and sorrier for what they have done!

The real words that should be used here are :I WAS STUPID, I WAS GREEDY, I WAS AN IDIOT!

Here’s a story that should be a warning for any future wheelers and dealers inside their Municipalities that want to “take a flyer” on a project like Wind Generation that could, should, but probably won’t make their township any money!

Where’s the windfall from turbine developments?

July 13, 2013 By Mary Drier Staff Writer

THUMB AREA — The financial windfall taxing entities were to reap from wind farms that was touted by a developer may be turning into hot air.

When the first wind farm in Tuscola County was being developed by NextEra Energy Resources LLC, company representatives met with Tuscola County Advertiser staff.

They outlined the scope of the project and also said the company planned to pay property taxes at current model even though the state at that time was just talking about changes. They said the cost of taxes was “built in” with project costs. They also told county commissioners the same and gave them a letter saying they would pay taxes at current rate.

However, that’s changed. NextEra is challenging Gilford Township’s tax levy, and the State Tax Tribunal (STT) drastically changed the tax model on wind development just as several new projects were underway with more proposed.

“Deceived” was said several times by  commissioners Thursday when they were told of NextEra’s appeal.

“Many of the communities approved wind development because of what they were told they would be able to get in tax revenue, and how it would help with them,” said Commissioner Chris Trisch.

The company built 68 turbines in Gilford township, and is in the process of building more in four townships as part of their phase two project.

“If I were those township officials I’d be outraged, and stop development,” said Trisch who suggested locking down NextEra’s Fairgrove development site and selling what’s there to recoup the revenue they promised.

About $20 million in tax revenue over the life of the wind farm is at stake in the challenge.

However the tone of Friday’s county meeting wasn’t as scathing when it was noted a NextEra representative expressed interest in meeting with commissioners to discuss the issue.

The controversy is from when STT’s changed the tax multiplier in Oct. 2011. The tax model for each turbine went from 100 percent assessment in year one with scheduled depreciation to 30 percent value in 15 years, to an 80 percent initial assessment, with a depreciation to 30 percent value in six years.


  1. Hey Ella
    I can’t get into their comment section now…………..I assume I’ve been blocked because Nextera doesn’t like negative reports being public…………..This Wind Fraud is world-wide and eventually will fold like a cheap tent but in the meantime the environmental and human harm will be felt for decades……………..Enron started this and Nextera, among others, is just prolonging the scam!

  2. catboxcleaner says:

    Hello –   We live in the Goderich area (Huron County).  Last night there was a power outage from approx. 9:20 pm to 4:20 am. The only thing we found on the internet was that there was a “downed power line” that took out the power of 9,000. There was NO wind.  No storm.  I can not imagine what kind of power line that would take out that many homes. They didn’t say where the power line went down. Do you think this was a brownout due to high demand and not enough generation? Hoping you can find out.


    • Since the smart metres went in and the destructive wind turbines have been installed the grid is under serious pressure to handle the complete DISASTER called McGuinty’s Green Energy Plan…………….too much fluctuation of wind power……………..when needed, it isn’t there, and when we don’t need it produces too much……………….this fluctuation causes the OPG to try and shut down nuclear and gas plants to make up for the imbalances………….of course you’ll never get the truth from this corrupt and useless Government!!!

      • Ella says:

        Hi bglie, I am a wind warrior. I had seen you left a comment in the Tuscola advertiser from Caro Michigan. I also see it never went through to the comment section. I don’t know why it wasn’t posted and wondering if you could post it again. I don’t think they allow links and that could be why. We could all use some help in this part of Michigan to inform the general public what is really going on. Thanks for the consideration.

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