Liberal low-lifes are buying another election!!!

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The last Liberal election cost US a BILLION dollars to prop up this gaggle of gerbils (sorry gerbils) inside the pink building and now that their days are again coming to an end, they are ramping up another massive BRIBE for another election!

How low can a politician get?………………maybe even lower than the once “bottom of the barrel” LAWYERS!

How these reprobates can even show their faces in public let alone make idiotic announcements in the public forum about how great Ontario will be if WE keep these kleptomaniacs in power makes one wonder if someone hasn’t spiked the Ontario water system with a hallucinogenic drug!

Wynne aka McGuinty is following in her “mentors” footsteps and lining up the Toronto voters for another “running of the reptiles”!

Chris Selley: Are the Ontario Liberals on another vote-buying spree?

  Chris Selley | 13/07/11 3:37 PM ET More from Chris Selley | @cselley


When Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty left office, his successor, Kathleen Wynne, got stuck trying to defend his $600 million gas plant debacle.

When Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty left office, his successor, Kathleen Wynne, got stuck trying to defend his $600 million gas plant debacle. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

Not two weeks ago, Metrolinx, the provincial body tasked with dragging transit in the Greater Toronto Area out of the Stone Age, expressed exasperation at Toronto City Council’s inability to choose between a subway and an LRT to replace a crumbling elevated train in Scarborough, east of downtown. Metrolinx claims to have already spend $85-million on the LRT, which Council had approved and then unapproved and then called into question again. Metrolinx said a subway would cost nearly $1-billion more than the LRT option. And it wanted a firm answer from Council — subway or LRT — by Aug. 2 at the latest.

Considering it hasn’t two dimes to rub together, and has Metrolinx for some degree of political cover, you might expect the governing Ontario Liberals to support the LRT option. But curiously enough — OK, it’s not really curious — reports suggested that provincial transportation minister Glen Murray was willing to reopen the issue yet again.

This week, he ramped it up. Mr. Murray told The Globe and Mail that not only was he open to a subway, but that the province wasn’t “asking [City Hall] for money” to make it happen.

“It will be over my dead body that Scarborough goes wanting for high speed, rapid transit,” he continued. “I’m not prepared for people in Scarborough to miss this round … whatever mountain I have to climb as transportation minister, I’m prepared.”

Crikey. The guy runs his mouth something fierce, but that’s much too far to walk back. It’s almost like there’s an election on or something.

Indeed there is: a by-election, in Scarborough-Guildwood, which is in Scarborough. And at 1:52 p.m. today, a message arrived in my Inbox from the Liberals confirming exactly what they’re up to. The e-mail reminds us that former TTC chair and current NDP by-election candidate Adam Giambrone did not support a new subway for Scarborough; and not only that, he floated the idea of ferrying Scarborough residents downtown on boats! The temerity!

Interestingly enough, his Liberal opponent, Mitzie Hunter, was until recently CEO of CivicAction, a group dedicated to setting aside partisanship and petty squabbles and improving public transportation in the GTA for everyone. During her “leave of absence,” however, she is free to say things like this:

“I want to work with Scarborough residents and develop solutions to tackle the tough issues of employment, housing, and transit. Only the Ontario Liberals have serious plans to improve transit for all Scarborough residents.”



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