Hey Toronto!……wanna know why your out of electricity???…………..The Liberals have sold you out like they did Rural Ontario!

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Now the City folks know how bad the Liberals have screwed up the energy sector in Ontario!

Maybe it took a good rain storm to show EVERYONE in Ontario how absolutely corrupt and dysfunctional this Liberal enclave of stooges has been for the past decade!

We here in Rural Ontario have been screwed over since 2009 but city folks just didn’t know let alone care what happened outside their concrete jungle…………….Until Now!

One Billion Dollars to move two gas plants to ensure a Liberal victory in the last election would have built the infrastructure that Toronto needed now to supply power after a a freak thunderstorm this week but instead now Toronto is on a par with a Third World Country with rolling blackouts!

Are ya proud you voted these clowns in, ……………………..Toronto????

Liberals bowing to NIMBYism leaving Ontario in the dark

christina-blizzardBY  ,QMI AGENCY JULY 10, 2013

Charles Sousa

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa. (Antonella Artuso/Toronto Sun)

TORONTO – So you’re showering in an arena, the food in your freezer has rotted — and you haven’t had air conditioning since the power went out Monday?

Congratulations. And welcome to the wacky world of power politics.

You’d better get used to losing power, because now that NIMBYism and political expedience dictate the electricity needs of this province, you’ll be doing this a lot more.

While the problem this week is mainly with transmission lines, part of the problem is that those lines no longer connect to generation — or where there’s a need for electricity.

There are only two major lines bringing power into Toronto — and there has been an ongoing fight about building a third line.

So congrats. If you’re one of the Nimbys fighting a new transmission line, mop out your freezer — and don’t complain.

Remember the old Lakeview coal-fired plant? Its smokestacks — the Four Sisters — were such a west-end landmark, they were used on marine navigation charts.

It was closed in 2005, because it was old, dirty and a big polluter.

When it was taken off-line, the plan was to replace it with a gas-fired plant.

That never happened.

So who pulled that plug — and why?

Well, it was then-energy minister George Smitherman. And whose name was on the release?

Why, that would be Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa — now the Finance Minister.

My, how times have changed. Back in 2008, a news release quoted Smitherman:

“As Ontario gets off of coal, we will enhance renewable energy and stimulate conservation. Natural gas will deliver reliability when demand is particularly high.”

That’s right. They were putting their faith in natural gas.

Or not.

This highlights the utter stupidity of the Liberals’ power policy.

Had they sited the Mississauga gas plant at the Lakeview location, (a) you likely would have had electricity this week and (b) the Mississauga plant would not have been situated close to a residential area. So (c) we would have saved the $275 million it cost to scrap the Mississauga plant, according to former auditor general Jim McCarter.


Here’s a report explaining exactly how this blackout occurred and why it will happen again!

Green blackout

10/07/07 Tom Adams

Toronto desperately needs a new transmission line to ­prevent power failures, but environmentalists have blocked it

By Tom Adams

Careless environmental ideology was a root cause of the blackout that cut off power to tens of thousands of Toronto homes, businesses, and institutions for several hours during rush hour on Monday this week.

Although a full technical report on the event is not yet available, it is clear that some transformer station equipment at the Manby transformer station in west Toronto failed. Transmission planning experts have long identified a failure at Manby as a known risk to the reliability of Toronto’s electricity supply. Three years ago, the Ontario Power Authority published a transmission plan for the province that included a detailed scenario analysis for a failure at Manby almost identical to Monday’s event. Unfortunately, that transmission plan got shelved, replaced by government directives to support more wind and solar generators.

Transmission experts have also long recognized that the power transmission network upon which Toronto depends is the most vulnerable to blackouts of the type experienced on Monday of any major financial centre in North America. Toronto’s special weakness is its lack of local transmission system redundancy.

The transmission system serving downtown Toronto is operated at its limit, with no capacity to spare. As a direct result, maintenance schedules are squeezed or eliminated, a factor that may well have played a role in initiating the event. The ability of grid operators to transfer load from one transmission path to another in the event of failures is severely limited, a factor that directly determined the scale and duration of the blackout. The large number of customers blacked out and the duration of blackout was a function of the system’s flawed design.

Environmentalists, including the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, the David Suzuki Foundation, World Wildlife Foundation Canada, Peter Tabuns of the Ontario NDP and Toronto Councillor Paula Fletcher, have played leading roles in blocking the development of another transmission line into the city’s core.




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