Wind Industry loses their battle to kill turtles in Prince Edward County!

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

With today’s ruling by the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal in allowing the appeal of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists to halt the Ostrander Point Wind development from proceeding because it would harm the Blanding’s Turtle which is on the endangered species list world-wide.

Of course it’s quite alright to harm humans with these Wind Devils but hey, humans are just the pay cheques for the politicians who are pushing these monstrosities down our collective throats!

I guess, whatever it takes to stop these maniacal developments that do nothing but cause grief and hardship for many decades to come. It’s a Fraud, nothing more, to suck money out of consumers pockets and lower their quality of life so that Sustainable Development aka. Agenda 21 can be realized.

Could this action be the tip of the “throw the bums out iceberg”???

We can all hope so!

The Ostrander Point ERT appeal: WE WON

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The Environmental Review Tribunal has allowed the appeal of the Ostrander Point Project by PECFN on grounds of serious and irreversible harm to the natural environment, and has revoked the approval of this project by the Director, Ministry of the Environment.  FANTASTIC!

Excerpts from the decision:

“[630] The Tribunal finds that mortality due to roads, brought by increased vehicle traffic, poachers and predators, directly in the habitat of Blanding‟s turtle, a species that is globally endangered and threatened in Ontario, is serious and irreversible harm to Blanding‟s turtle at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block that will not be effectively mitigated by the conditions in the REA.

“[645] The appeal of PECFN is allowed under s. 145.2.1(5) of the EPA.”



  1. lsarc says:

    Congratulations to APPEC & PECFN on their win.

    We’ve been reading the decision and it appears to us that there is nothing to stop the MNR from re-writing their Crown Land access policy, specifically with respect to Renewable Energy projects and then the company could re-submit their application, but this time they would close off all access to the project area. This would effectively prevent the mortality to Blandings Turtles as a result of the increased access under the current appllication. This would probably remove the grounds upon which the ERT revoke the Director’s approval of the project. I’m sure sufficiient doubt could be cast on the issue of increased predation to allow the ERT to come to the “right” decision…

    These projects are like zombies, they are very difficult to kill and with OPSEU & NDP Caucus money behind it our only hope is for an election and a co-operative PC government to put an end to these scams.

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