Has the “World gone to War” and nobody has noticed????

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

We’ve all heard about the “Snowden revelations” that the NSA has eavesdropped on millions of U.S. phone users without warrants and realistic reasons for doing so other than they have a program called Prism which allows them to do it.

Now the revelations are being made that not only did the U.S. National Security Agency spied on it’s own citizens but has also “spied” on German and European phone calls that amount to many millions of conversations and reminds us of what took place during the Cold War years between Russia and the U.S.


That’s the elephant in the room. Is the Third World War a Cyber War?

Hollywood has made billions off films that push this scenario almost monthly and we are quite used to seeing movies released that takes the cyber warfare to the extreme. Are we being softened up for a real war? Is this the beginning of “Globalization” but not in a good way? Do people really care any more that their political leaders have gone completely insane and have created a “nether-world” where nobody trusts anyone else any more?

So many questions..so few answers.

Maybe it’s time to locate a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and fly every single completely mad world leader onto it, then dig up the runway so they can’t escape and let them “have at ‘er” without any harm coming to the other 97% human population on the planet that just want to live in Peace!

Europe In Shock Over NSA Activity…”Beyond Comprehension…Methods Used By Enemies During The Cold War”

By P Gosselin on 30. Juni 2013

Today I’m going off topic to write about an explosive issue – the NSA. Spiegel has uncovered and reported explosive material that for now is only being superficially reported back in the States. Obama, and the free world, have a mega-crisis on their hands.

In Europe, especially Germany, the NSA scandal is taking on ever increasingly huge dimensions with each passing day. While the American media are pretty much low-key or even silent on the NSA scandal, in Europe it is taking on alarming dimensions and threatening to become a foreign policy catastrophe.

News magazine Spiegel has received documents revealing that NSA activity also included bugging European offices, including the Chancellor of Germany. The AP writes:

A top German official accused the United States on Sunday of using “Cold War” methods against its allies, after a German magazine cited secret intelligence documents to claim that U.S. spies bugged European Union offices. Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger was responding to a report by German news weekly Der Spiegel, which claimed that the U.S. National Security Agency eavesdropped on EU offices in Washington, New York and Brussels.”

At its English language site, Spiegel reports that the full story will be released tomorrow.
Die Welt today writes:

What is illegal for authorities and intelligence services in Germany to do, is apparently done by the US intelligence: It allegedly has spied on the communication of millions of Germans.”

Spiegel writes at its German site that:

The US intelligence services, with approval by the White House, targetedly monitored the German Government, including the Chancellor.”

Die Welt also writes that the spying is clearly shown by “a paper from the NSA from September 2010…referencing secret documents that former US intelligence agency employee Edward Snowden took with him“.



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