Canada rated BEST country in world by “Real People”……….WORST by the “Green Lobby”!!!

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here is a snapshot on how messed up and out of touch with REALITY the Green Movement is with Canada’s reputation for a “great place to live” by an institute which specializes in rating countries world-wide in quality of life, among other factors, which influence day to day living of real people!


Courtesy of “I Love Fossil Fuels”

Canada is NUMBER ONE in the world according to this agency.

Canada is the WORST according to the so-called Environmentalists who consider themselves “saviours of the world” by going 100% GREEN!

In their twisted half baked fake green world these malcontents will viciously attack anyone who doesn’t support their dogma and eco-religious pontifications and will actually commit acts of violence all in the name of saving the planet.

Here’s a suggestion…...if you human drop-outs want to save US from a world of never ending poverty and fruitless labours without advancement and struggles like we all experienced 200 years ago, then take your sorry green arses to a desert island somewhere in the ocean where you can beat your dirty clothes on rocks, eat coconuts and cook your weeds and leaves in a pot heated by a magnifying glass and have a nice Green Day………….that will be about the limit of your stay in that fake world you’ve created!

Canada – Green Pariah or World’s Best Reputation?

June 28/2013

Activists & journalists insist that Canada’s climate policies have destroyed our international good name. But survey results released yesterday indicate – for the 3rd consecutive year – that we have “the world’s best reputation.”


click to see full press release; this is page 4 of 5

The Reputation Institute describes itself as “the world’s leading reputation-based advisory firm.” From January to March of this year, this global organization asked 27,000 individuals residing in G8 countries about their impressions of specific nations around the world. This survey claims to measure:

the reputation of 50 countries based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect, as well as perceptions regarding 16 attributes that include it being viewed as: a safe place to visit, a beautiful country, having friendly and welcoming residents, having progressive social and economic policies, being run by an effective government, and more.

In a press release issued yesterday, the Institute announced that Canada “has the world’s best reputation” – and that this is the third year in a row we’ve come out on top.

This is worth highlighting because, to hear environmentalists talk, Canada is a pariah among nations. Last November, at the Doha climate summit, we received the “Fossil of the Day” award, which is described as:

a long-standing tradition in the UN climate talks and is voted on and awarded by an international network of over 800 civil society organizations. It is presented daily to the country or countries that do the most to undermine global efforts to address climate change. [bold added]

If anyone’s looking for evidence that the “800 civil society organizations” who care about climate change are totally disconnected from ordinary people, here it is on a platter. At the time of the award, Climate Action Network Canada declared that Canada needs to “rebuild trust” and “do itself and its international reputation a favour” by spending more cash on climate measures.



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