Are “Friends of the Earth” the enemies of human beings????

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another Green lobby group that means nothing but hardship for human beings everywhere with their anti development of fossil fuels agenda trying their best to drive people everywhere into a green hell of overpriced energy and literally “back to the stone age” lifestyles is what I call this group of eco-religious whackos!


This should be the FOE poster as they see the world as totally “Green”!

There is no other way to describe these uninformed, mentally challenged  and hateful green gerbils!

They should have their charitable status revoked in every country they operate in and then we would see a rather different desperate group of “righteous chumps” pedalling their anti-human messages!

Actually these type of activists are more dangerous than any violent weather our world can encounter because these idiots hang around forever while weather changes by the hour!

Going one better, maybe Governments should label these activists as TERRORISTS as they mean nothing but harm everywhere they go!


Dirty tricks of the the fracking deniers: How Green zealots peddle cynical propaganda to stop Britain mining £3trillion of shale gas…enough to keep the lights on for 141 YEARS

  • Friends of the Earth said to be spreading misleading claims about dangers of shale gas
  • Campaigners aimed to stop fracking by manipulating the planning system


PUBLISHED: 00:38 GMT, 30 June 2013 | UPDATED: 00:39 GMT, 30 June 2013

Green pressure group Friends of the Earth is preparing a bitter legal battle to try to block Britain’s trillion-pound shale gas bonanza.

It wants to prevent any exploitation of this vast new reserve of cheap, clean energy forever and is already fighting to stop all exploratory test drilling.

But an investigation by The Mail on Sunday suggests that the group’s campaign is based on alarmism, spreading highly misleading claims about shale gas’s supposed dangers.

Last week the organisation issued an ‘action guide’ for activists, advising them how to stop shale gas extraction – known as ‘fracking’ – by manipulating the planning system.

It leaves no doubt as to its purpose: ‘The ultimate aim of our fracking campaign is that we stop it!’

Disclosure of FoE’s plans comes in the wake of a British Geological Survey (BGS) report, which revealed that the UK’s reserves are truly staggering – potentially enough to reverse economic decline and to turn the country into a net exporter of energy, competing with states such as Qatar.

It estimates that around 1,329 trillion cubic ft of gas and oil are held within Northern England’s Bowland shale alone – just one of six such geological ‘basins’ in the UK.

Conservative assessments say about ten per cent of this should be commercially recoverable – worth, at current gas prices, £1 trillion, and enough to meet all the UK’s gas consumption needs for 47 years, based on current demand.

It is equivalent to Qatar’s entire gas production for 36 years, or one and half-times as much as all the gas extracted from the North Sea since 1970.

Last week, Chancellor George Osborne suggested communities where there was fracking should be given a levy of one per cent of revenues. On that basis, Bowland would be given a £10 billion boost.

But industry experts believe the eventual percentage recoverable is likely to be much higher – perhaps as much as 30 per cent – worth £3 trillion and enough to last 141 years.



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