Ontario Liberals have now reached ZERO CREDIBILITY in anything they announce!

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

When a Government has lost all it’s Public Trust, all it’s Credibility and most of all, it’s REALITY when they announce decisions they make that will affect their citizens lives and ability to exist in their very homes that they have worked hard and long to even afford them, then it’s time to call it QUITS!

The latest spin or to put it more bluntly, BULLSHIT that just oozed out of Queen’s Park from the Ministry of Energy makes one want to literally padlock these miscreants in their offices until either the Police or Mental Health authorities detain them and lead them out of the Pink Building in either a set of hand cuffs or a straight jacket to a place where they can do NO MORE HARM to this once great Province!

From indignant denials from our disgraced former Premier where he accuses the legally assembled Committee trying desperately to find out his involvement in deleted records and accuses them of being on a political witch-hunt to the whacked out fake green energy job job claims and green energy savings, it’s about time this rot at the top be surgically removed from our midst by authorities who have sworn to protect the common good of this Province.


Liberal Energy Bafflegab 

The Oxford definition of bafflegab is as follows: “noun [mass noun] North American informal incomprehensible or pretentious verbiage, especially bureaucratic jargon.”The press releases emanating from the Liberals at Queens Park are renowned for their bureaucratic jargon and the release from Bob Chiarelli, Energy Minister on June 20, 2013 in respect to the revisions to the Korean Consortium agreement had one particular clause that was pure bafflegab. Right after the Ministry speaks to the reduction in megawatts that the consortium will be delivering I found this sentence;

“ As part of Ontario’s review of the Long-Term Energy Plan, the province will consider how to best use those savings with a focus on conservation, keeping costs down for ratepayers, and a continued to commitment to renewable energy.”

Ignoring the bad English the “savings” referred to was the extra $24 per year ratepayers wouldn’t be paying because the amount of power that the consortium would NOW be delivering in the future was less! They then turn this around to tell us they must consider “how to best use those savings”!

Pure bafflegab!  At most the 1,131 megawatts (MW) that have been cut from the agreement would have delivered intermittent power we don’t need. From all appearances those 1,131 MW that will not now be built are wind which may have delivered 2.8 million MWh annually, principally in the middle of the night and in the spring and fall months and would have wound up either exported or constrained. In either case ratepayers would have been paying for that power that they couldn’t use or that Ontario didn’t need. At the present time Ontario is exporting an average of 2,000 MW of surplus subsidized power every hour of the day. Cumulatively that could be 17.5 million MWh (17.5 terrawatts [TWh]) annually. In 2012 Ontario exported 14.6 TWh.The announcement may have come about because Minister Chiarelli or one of his staff at the Ministry spent a little time simply looking at some of the statistics published on the Independent Electricity System Operator’s website. As just one example looking at IESO’s “Adequacy Report” for June 19, 2013 (created on June 18, 2013) they would note that Ontario’s “supply cushion” was excess to the “Ontario demand” in 6 hours of that day by over 100% and our “capacity excess” exceeded our “total demand” in 8 of those 24 hours. If they than looked at the Generator report for June 19th they would have discerned that we had throttled back (steamed off) 1,500 MW of Bruce Power nuclear which we, the ratepayers, are obliged to pay for. While on that report they could easily have seen gas plants were running at about 20% of their capacity and perhaps also realized that the ratepayers were again picking up the cost of the gas generators, idling the balance of their capabilities, at rates of $10/$15.000 per MW per month. Further down on the same page they could have noted that the 2,017 MW of industrial wind were producing an average of less then 10% of their rated capacity. Taking a few more moments of his time to glance at the “Intertie” report they would have quickly discovered Ontario was exporting an average of 2,000 MW of surplus power every hour of that day and then if they skipped to the “Hourly Ontario Energy Price” (HOEP) report they could have seen the prices Ontario was receiving for that surplus exported power and perhaps realized we were selling that power as low as 10% of what it cost ratepayers.Having trolled through the IESO reports Minister Chiarelli or his advisors may have alerted him to the problem(s) and suggested they put out a press release with lots of bafflegab. The thought may have been that any of the bad news on how the Green Energy Act has caused job losses, grid management problems, a commitment to pay wind and solar developers billions of dollars every year, while affecting people’s health, reducing property values and chopping up birds and bats might not be noticed.One can almost guess what the conversation was in the Minister’s office (understanding that no notes be recorded as was the habit in the former Premier’s office)! This is my take on what may have gone on:When we make the announcement about the downsizing of the Korean consortium’s commitments we should spin it that we are saving money and throw in something about conservation—that one always has traction with the MSM. 

Ya, good idea, so how much does this reduce the payment to Samsung and could we claim that the ordinary ratepayers will be saving money? 
Sure, it works out to $24 each that they won’t have to pay! 
Let’s avoid mentioning anything about how many jobs the consortium originally promised to create though and just mention the ones they have already created. 
We should also put in something about “local engagement” just to appease those pesky municipalities who have picked up on the “willing host” jargon. 
OK, I think that should do it and will satisfy those reporters who might have a question or two. While the above exchange may be pure fiction, when one reads a press release like the one issued June 20, 2013 it is obvious to this voter that the spin continues. To think that the government would deign to think taxpayers and ratepayers of this province will swallow this bafflegab is insulting.The time is long past for the new Wynne government to throw Dalton McGuinty under the bus along with all of the former Energy Ministers that have destroyed what used to be a relatively well run electricity sector. The public are not fooled by this bafflegab!
Parker Gallant,
June 27, 2012

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