Green Insanity inside our schools!!!!

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In a “real world” scenario when a student writes a thesis or a report while nearing graduation from post secondary education on real world problems one would assume that the student would be “out in the field” studying all aspects of their report to see if they have covered all the angles.


“Cherry picking crazy as shit house rat ideas” from Green Lobby Groups and Green Charity funded activist groups I assume one could just sit behind a lap top and create a dream world that would probably work in Lilliput Land but when people’s lives are actually put in danger if a project such as is being described here goes into action, then not only does a student do disservice to themselves but also assists in the disaster that could happen and probably will!

Wind Turbine development in Ontario has become a complete disaster for all Ontarians and has to be halted now, not promoted!

Marmora is facing a complete “sell-out” by their own Council to Northland Power for a few shekels and a hand shake and here we have a Ryerson student advocating how great it will be!

Welcome to the Green World of Insanity!


June 21, 2013

Wind farm

By: Sarah Marchionda –

The Power of Wind:

Ontario is on track to meet its green energy targets as it moves to replace coal with cleaner sources of electricity such as wind. While wind has a number of economic, environmental and health benefits, it is intermittent, which poses several major challenges to the grid. Intermittency causes wind to be less predictable and more costly to produce than conventional sources of electricity. The issue of intermittency must be addressed if wind is to scale in a way that is economically and operationally competitive. In a study published earlier this year, researchers at the Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) at Ryerson University explain how Wind Generator Cooperatives can play a role in addressing the challenges associated with intermittent wind power.

A growing amount of attention has been spent on storage, as it enables wind generators to set aside wind power when demand is low and use it in the future when demand for electricity is high. Pumped-storage, which is considered in Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan, is a technology whereby water is pumped up to a reservoir and used to generate electricity when the demand arises. The challenge with storage is that it is prohibitively expensive when used on an individual basis. While technology exists to store wind energy, the high cost of storage is preventing any serious uptake in the province. As a result, Ontario currently uses relatively inexpensive gas generators when wind power is in short supply.

Pumped Hydro Storage Infographic
Pumped Hydro Storage Infographic. Source: Globe and Mail, Northland Power Inc.; ESRI


  1. While waiting for my comment to be approved and display publicly, posted in response to the related story on the Quinte News page at:

    Here’s an exact copy for the Big Green Lie’s better-informed readers to sink their teeth into – contact me through my site if you have questions:

    Quinte News COULD have more helpfully told the public:

    1. why Clemens’ “cautiously optimistic” outlook jives with his expecting “action on that file before the end of summer”, since a Northland Power executive told a major investment firm’s energy analyst on February 22, 2013 that “we’re aspiring” – regarding the status of their “bilateral negotiations” with the Ontario Power Authority for a contract (suggested 40 years duration in the Toronto Star June 2011) – to pay NPI for “Marmora” to be “capable of running” (as revealed earlier during the same “Fourth Quarter and Year End 2012″ teleconference call mp3 that was publicly accessible from NPI’s own site).

    2. why Clemens keeps trying to flog, at public expense and under guise of a “green energy project”, this fantasy that Northland Power called their “crown jewel of its future development” at the 2012 OGRA yapfest, NPI’s John Wright better described as “sort of a dream project” in Macleans on June 4, 2013 and CAO Ron Chittick best labelled a “significant industrial development” in his June 2, 2011 “Public Information Meeting” notification ad in our local paper – also how Quinte News had realistically labelled it, on Friday June 10, 2011:

    3. why this Abuse-of-Power-driven scam that also apparently justified committing Breach of Trust in addition to the council’s imposition of Discrimination against dissenting local taxpayers, was referenced only as “Northland Power Inc.’s proposed Pumped Storage project” in the second-last WHEREAS in the “Council resolution” of June 7, 2011 and unanimously approved by the self-appointed Council “Planning Advisory Committee” as-a-whole (3 days prior to the June 10, 2011 “Public Information Meeting” where the public and press first heard of it) — then promptly RESOLVED THAT: “the Municipality” fully supports “Northland Power Inc.’s development” of the “Marmora Pumped Storage Project”

    4. why allocating $5,000.00 of our local public funds on a marketing campaign to promote this private developer’s project was NOT contradictory to the “bonusing” restrictions in the Municipal Act.

  2. Rather than jumping to the conclusion that ONLY comments from supporters are allowed to be displayed for the public.. as has been, since 2011, the rule for appropriately discriminating between local taxpayers that all pay for maintenance of the “pumped storage” promo page hosted by the Municipality of Marmora and Lake:

    …I’ll assume the moderators for that CUE blog must simply be dozing and re-post it for Big Green Lie readers’ enlightenment.

    When originally posted to the CUE page, here’s how my comment looked while “awaiting moderation” (my site url was embedded into my name) at this url:

    Kathy Hamilton on June 27, 2013 at 12:09 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I suppose if there proves a severe enough shortage of gullible, private investors willing to help unelected, central planners to forcibly impose this potential threat of catastrophic flooding (that’s been better advertised as an “industrial development” locally) on terrified homeowners in Marmora…. it could well become necessary for Northland Power Inc. to seek their required “low capital cost” from their own colleages within “Wind Generator Cooperatives”, that are increasingly labelled publicly-subsidized “Green Carpetbaggers” by the public.

    Thank you. A few more names have been now publicized for those terrorized in Marmora to add to their own potential liability and “accomplices” list, that already includes every “supporter” proudly displayed on “their” webpage by “Marmora and Lake”.


    Notice that comment-4 in the returned page url? Does that make you wonder what the other 3 comments were, too?

    • Your report is well done and brings this topic into focus!
      I also get very tired trying to stop this Green Energy madness that has been unleashed on us by a very corrupt group of politicians!
      I’m sure in the near future we may find a better way of supplying power that is less destructive than what we have today, but the present path we are on is fast becoming an environmental disaster all dressed up in a fake Green costume!

      • Paul Kuster says:

        The argument that one day we’ll find viable storage options can be countered with this;
        Say there is a storage option available that makes sense. Why would you waste it on a loser technology like wind and solar? We know that gas plants run on a spinning reserve, ready to pick up the slack when wind and solar start their pouting. And when solar and wind decide to join back in, the gas plants have to ramp back down. Not very efficient.
        Why not use the gas plants , running at an even steady level, provide the pumped storage at night when demand is low and generation is at excess levels, and then release the storage at times of peak demand levels during the day, when generation doesn’t meet demand. The gas plants would run much more efficiently and the whole cycle would be reliable. No need at all for any wind or solar generation.

    • Yup and Eastern Ontario has redundant gas plants already. Adding a redundant “pumped storage” that could threaten lives for profit is beyond a nutty and additional cost to Ontario consumers and taxpayers.

      btw… that “Do the Math” won’t fix things in Marmora ‘cuz the problem with “the project” is purely political… facts and science remain irrelevant to politics in a Canada guided by Agenda 21 and donkey local councils who impose it, to their own eradication of governing legitimacy, in exchange for dangled carrots.

  3. NOW compare the “cautiously optimistic” Clemens quoted here on June 27, 3013:

    TO his report over a year ago, about the local delegation’s local-taxpayer-subsidized work at the “Ontario Good Roads Association” yapfest, which he delivered at the March 6, 2012 local council meeting:

    Plugging pumped storage

    …he claimed discussions with provincial officials that included Bentley, Wynne and Chiarelli were “”very successful.”

    … and regarding Northland Power… “They assured me that the people of Marmora and Lake need to know that they are in this for the long haul,” Clemens said.

    AND in the other local weekly paper, published on the same day, this “pumped up” Clemens clone of The Emperor In his New Clothes passed along an extended it’s “going to happen!” version of that same “dissent is futile” sounding threat, from the masterful dream weavers of Northland Power Inc.

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